World cup in draughts-64

world-cup-1The World Cup is held every year since 2010.
System for: to be held 6-8 stages.
Regulations of World Cup  2012   2013  2014  2015  2016  2017  2018  2019  2021 


                                 Winners of World Cup

No Year Winner Silver medalist Bronze medalist
 1 2010 Sergey Belosheev (UKR) Dmitry Abarinov (RUS) Mikhail Glizerin (RUS)
2 2011 Dmitry Tsinman (RUS) Mikhail Gorunov (RUS) Alexander Shvartsman (RUS)
3 2012 Sergey Belosheev (UKR) Vladimir Skrabov (RUS) Dmitry Tsinman (RUS)
4 2013 Vladimir Skrabov (RUS) Dmitry Tsinman (RUS) Gavril Kolesov (RUS)
5 2014 Vladimir Egorov (RUS) Dmitry Tsinman (RUS) Vladimir Skrabov (RUS)
6 2015 Vladimir Skrabov (RUS) Dmitry Tsinman (RUS) Andrey Fedotov (RUS)
7 2016 Dmitry Tsinman (RUS) Vladimir Skrabov (RUS) Andrey Gnelitskiy (RUS)
8 2017 Vladimir Skrabov (RUS) Dmitry Tsinman (RUS) Norvaisas, Arunas (LTU)
9 2018 Norvaisas Arunas (LTU) Kybartas Andrius (LTU) Melnikov Dmitrii (RUS)
10 2019 Melnikov Dmitrii (RUS) Farnests Janis (LVA) Smirnov Anton (RUS)
11 2021 Taranin, Georgii (RUS) Melnikov Dmitrii (RUS) Shchukin, Roman (RUS)