World cup in draughts-64

world-cup-1The World Cup is held every year since 2010.
System for: to be held 6-8 stages.
Regulations of World Cup  2012   2013  2014  2015  2016  2017  2018  2019 


                                 Winners of World Cup

No Year Winner Silver medalist Bronze medalist
 1 2010 Sergey Belosheev (UKR) Dmitry Abarinov (RUS) Mikhail Glizerin (RUS)
2 2011 Dmitry Tsinman (RUS) Mikhail Gorunov (RUS) Alexander Shvartsman (RUS)
3 2012 Sergey Belosheev (UKR) Vladimir Skrabov (RUS) Dmitry Tsinman (RUS)
4 2013 Vladimir Skrabov (RUS) Dmitry Tsinman (RUS) Gavril Kolesov (RUS)
5 2014 Vladimir Egorov (RUS) Dmitry Tsinman (RUS) Vladimir Skrabov (RUS)
6 2015 Vladimir Skrabov (RUS) Dmitry Tsinman (RUS) Andrey Fedotov (RUS)
7 2016 Dmitry Tsinman (RUS) Vladimir Skrabov (RUS) Andrey Gnelitskiy (RUS)
8 2017 Vladimir Skrabov (RUS) Dmitry Tsinman (RUS) Norvaisas, Arunas (LTU)
9 2018 Norvaisas Arunas (LTU) Kybartas Andrius (LTU) Melnikov Dmitrii (RUS)
10 2019 Melnikov Dmitrii (RUS) Farnests Janis (LVA) Smirnov Anton (RUS)