The first African Championship

logo_AC-64International Draughts Federation (IDF) together with the Zambia Draughts Federation (ZDF) holds in Lusaka from 22 (arrival day) to 27 July (departure day) 2016 the 1st African Draughts-64 Championship qualifier for the World Championship 2017.

Lukanga Mambwe from Zambia become the winner of the first African Draughts-64 Championship in Rapid. Richard Mwammba from Congo (DR) become the winner in Classic program.

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26-07-2016  1st historical African Draughts-64 championship completed. The competition was held with the support of the Foundation for Assistance of Draughts Sports “Russian Draughts.” The prize fund of the championship was $ 2,000.

closing-1In the last round Richard Mwammba played a draw with Enock Makoka Banda and with the result of 14 points became the first African champion in draughts-64. Moses Winesi from Malawi took second place and Enock Makoka Banda is the third.

In accordance with the regulations team classification was determined in the classical program. In the team classification the teams were distributed as follows:

1. Malawi   25 points
2. Uganda  21 points
3. Zambia  21 points
4. Zimbabwe  20 points
5. Congo DR 14 points
6. Ethiopia  4 points

International titles were assigned by the results of competitions. The first African International Grand Master in draughts-64 became the champion of Africa Richard Mwammba from Congo (DR). Silver medalist Moses Winesi from Malawi became an International Master. The first African judge who received the international  title of Arbiter IDF became Suzgo Alpha Nkhoma, works fine in this tournament.

26-07-2016 Before the last round still leads Richard Mwammba from Congo (DR). He won in the last 2 rounds, scored 13 points and ahead of nearest rivals by 2 points. Nearest rivals Moses Winesi and Enock Makoka Banda from Malawi have 11 points.

6 round25-07-2016  3 round are held today. There is a very bitter struggle for the title of the 1st African champion and the title of International Grandmaster in draughts-64. The participants show a fairly high level of the game. There is no doubt that they will soon be competing with the leading grandmasters of the world. In the meantime, Richard Mwammba from Congo (DR) made a breakthrough by winning all three rounds and with the result of 9 points of 12 led the standings. He won an important game in the 6th round the one of the leaders, the winner of the Rapid Lukanga Mambwe from Zambia. A large group of participants has 8 points. There are still 3 rounds and tomorrow we will know who will winner in this historic championship.

24-07-2016  Classical program in Russian draughts started. Competitions are held on the Swiss system in 9 rounds. 3 rounds are held today. After 3 rounds with a score of 5 points of 6 leading Lukanga Mambwe, Emmanuel Chebo from Zambia and Moses Winesi from Malawi.  See current results.

23-07-2016   The first African Championship in Draughts-64 starts today. At this historic event came 24 players from 6 African countries – Zambia, Malawi, Uganda, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Congo (DR). Opening ceremony was held at 10.00. Representatives of the National Sports Council of Zambia, the Olympic Youth Development Centre, which hosts the event and the press were present at the opening.


Rapid program in the pool-checkers started at 11.00. Competitions was held by Swiss system in 9 rounds. Lukanga Mambwe from Zambia become the winner of the first African Championship in Draughts-64 in Rapid. Silver medalist is another representative of Zambia Elias Munkondia. The player from Uganda Isaac Bafaki is bronze medalist.

Lukanda Mambe-1Team classification was summed up the results of the Rapid. In the team classification the teams were distributed as follows:

1. Zambia   28 points
2. Uganda  24 points
3. Malawi   21 points
4. Zimbabwe   19 points
5. Congo RD   7 points
6. Ethiopia   0 points

17-07-2016   National Sports Council of Zambia will provide financial support to the first African Championship in draughts-64, which starts in the Zambian capital Lusaka in a few days. 2 players from each country will be provided with accommodation and meals.

11-07-2016  Program of the first African Championship in draughts-64 approved.

Day Time Event
22nd July Arrival day, registration of participants
23rd July 10.00 Opening
11.00-13.30 Rapid.  1st -4th rounds
15.30-18.30 Rapid.  5th -9th rounds
24th July 9.30-13.50 1st  and 2nd rounds
15.30-17.35 3rd round
25th July 9.30-13.50 4th and 5th rounds
15.30-17.35 6th round
26th July 9.30-13.50 7th and 8th rounds
15.30-17.35 9th round
19.00 Closing
27th July Departure day

22-06-2016  The first African Championship in draughts-64 starts in a month on 22 July. 31 players from 8 African countries were declared in a competition. Applications for participation extended to July 8th.

Preliminary list of participants on 22.06.2016 

70808-05-2016 The first African Draughts-64 Championship will be held from 22 July (arrival day) till 27 July (departure day) 2016 in Lusaka, capital of Zambia.

Championship will be held at the Olympic Youth Development Centre (OYDC)  SITE   

This historic event will organize the International Draughts Federation IDF together with the Zambia Draughts Federation.  The competitions are qualifying for the World Championship 2017.        

Within the framework of the competition two championships in two types of Draughts-64 will be held:

African Draughts-64 Championship (Pool Checkers version). Rapid
African Draughts-64 Championship (Russian version). Classic game


22nd July  –  arrival day, registration of participants
23rd July  –  1st day for game – the opening and rapid
24th July  – 2nd day for games –round 1-3
25th July  – 3rd day for games – round 4-6
26th July  – 4th day for games – round 7-9, closing, awarding
27th July  – departure day

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