Short report of IDF Board meeting

May 15, 2017 in St. Petersburg was held a meeting of the IDF Board. Short report of the IDF Board meeting see HERE. The rules of the World Team Championship were approved, the preparations for the World Championship 2017 and World Cup stages in Portugal and Italy were discussed, the results of the Asian Championships and the European Youth Championship were approved. Issues of the current activity of the federation, contacts with international organizations were considered.

According to the results of the competition in 2017: the Asian Championship in Tashkent, the European Youth Championship in Orel and the implementation of norms in the various competitions, new international titles been assigned to the next players and arbiters:


1 Ageikin Artem Russia IM By norms
2 Arslanov  Farhad Turkmenistan FM By norms
3 Ten Valeriy Kazakhstan FM Automatically
4 Abdullaev Jakhongiz Uzbekistan FM Automatically
5 Kobilov Shakhzod Uzbekistan FM Automatically
6 Aymakhan Bolat Kazakhstan FM Automatically
7 Omarov Rustem Kazakhstan FM Automatically
8 Gusarov, Dmitrii Russia FM Automatically


1 Tursunmurotova  Shakhzoda Uzbekistan WIM Automatically
2 Mironava, Maryia Belarus WIM Automatically
3 Zhurkabai  Aiza Kazakhstan WFM Automatically
4 Davletova Anel Kazakhstan WFM Automatically
5 Abdishaeva Niara Uzbekistan WFM Automatically
6 Khasanova Sarvinoz Uzbekistan WFM Automatically
7 Tursunkulova Iroda Uzbekistan WFM Automatically
8 Petruseva, Polina Russia WFM Automatically
9 Letiagova, Olga Russia WFM Automatically
10 Suraeva, Anastasiia Russia WFM Automatically


1 Kovalenko Stepan Kazakhstan FA (IDF Arbiter)
2 Narbaev Azat Turkmenistan FA (IDF Arbiter)

New member of IDF became the Turkish Draughts Association “Betul Cemre YILDIZ Draughts Club Sport Association”

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