European Youth Championship and the 1st stage of the 2020 World Cup postponed

Dear friends!

The International Draughts Federation (IDF) monitors the situation with the coronavirus pandemic in Europe and the world. Now no one can predict how the situation will develop in the near future, but we hope that over the next two to three months the spread of this virus will be significantly reduced in all countries.

We understand that health is the most valuable and most important thing that can be in the life of every person. Therefore, the European Youth Championship and the 1st stage of the 2020 World Cup, scheduled from May 2 to May 9, 2020 in Kobuleti (Georgia), are postponed to a later date. The decision on the dates will be made in June, depending on the development of the situation with coronavirus in the world. It is possible that the European Youth Championship will be held in conjunction with the World Youth Championship in August 2020 in Bulgaria with a separate award in all categories or at other times as an independent event.

The International Draughts Federation (IDF) plans to hold all 2020 calendar competitions. The level of competition in connection with the pandemic will not suffer. Competitions will be better in organizational and financial terms.

We are still working for you. Recently, a textbook on the international/Russian version of draughts-64 in English “World of Draughts 64” has been published. Updated rules of the game and competitions in draughts-64 are being prepared for publication.

According to the results of the competitions in 2019 and the norms implemented in previous years on the proposal of the technical commission new international titles assigned to the following players:

No Men Country Title Fulfillment
1 Nednaylo Matvei RUS FM by norms
2 Smurkov Ivan RUS FM by norms
3 Vakin Afanasii RUS FM by norms
4 Palguev Igor RUS FM by norms
5 Balukova Olga RUS WIM by norms
6 Mikhailovskaia Elena RUS WFM by norms
7 Nikifarava Darya BLR WFM by norms

All information will be updated promptly on our website. Watch for updates.

The IDF board is confident on your understanding of the situation.

The IDF President,
Vladimir Langin

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