Current results of the 2021 World Cup and upcoming competitions

The 2021 World Cup in draughts-64 has started. This year 6 stages are planned in Turkey, Bulgaria, France, Portugal, Jamaica and Israel. Within the framework of the World Cup, competitions in the disciplines of Russian, Brazilian, Portuguese draughts, draughts -100 and pool checkers will be held at various stages.

Regulations on the 2021 World Cup in draughts-64 published HERE

The 1st stage of the 2021 World Cup was the International Competition “Turkey-2021”, which was held at a high level in Kemer (Turkey) from 23 to 29 April 2021.

Competitions were held in three types of draughts – Russian, Brazilian and draughts-100, in which 37 players from 9 countries took part. The prize fund of the 1st stage was 2000 euros.

After the 1st stage, the leaders  in the 2021 World Cup are:


Med 1Misans Roberts (LVA) 138 points (according to additional criteria – two higher places in the disciplines)

Med-2Shchukin Roman (RUS) 138 points

Med-3Melnikov Dmitry (RUS) 134 points


Med 1Nereda Marija Magdalena (LVA) 72 points

Med-2Chesnokova Maria (BLR) 60 points

Med-3Streltsova Svetlana (RUS) 52 points

The standings in the 2021 World Cup in draughts-64 after the 1st stage published HERE

The 2nd stage – International competition “Bulgaria-2021”, will be held in Kranevo (Bulgaria) from August 21 to 27, 2021 together with all the events planned in 2021 in Bulgaria:

Personal-team World Youth Championship, August 20 – 31;
World Championship among students, August 20 – 31;
World Championship among veterans, August 20 – 31:
men – 1961 year old and older (60+), 1971-1962 year old (50+), women – 1971 year old and older (50+);
Seminar for arbiters with the issuance of certificates and a new Draughts-64 Сode, 20 – 31 August;
Reporting IDF General Assembly, 23 August;
World Youth Team Championship. Boys and girls, 23 August;
World Team Championship. Men, women, August 24-30.

Regulations of the competitions will be published shortly.

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