Match Israel-Portugal

For the first time in history, a delegation of Portuguese draughts players came to Israel and took part in several competitions. It should be noted that this event became possible largely thanks to the International Draughts Federation (IDF) and its leadership, who did a lot for the development of draughts in Portugal.

The events were held with the cooperation of the draughts federations of Israel and Portugal, and the municipalities of the cities of Kiryat Gat and Karnei Shomron, as well as draughts activists, grandmasters Yuri Kirillov, Dmitry Ganopolsky and Nuno Viera from the Portuguese side.

Draughts match Israel-Portugal was held in 3 cities of Israel and consisted of 3 parts (in Russian, Brazilian and Portuguese draughts).

Sports results:

Match 1

26.03.2022  Russian draughts,  Karney Shomron

Dmitry Ganopolsky (Israel)   –   Thiago Neves (Portugal) – 1:1

Yuri Goldstein (Israel)    –   Nuno Viera (Portugal) – 2:0

Grigory Muzhikovsky (Israel) –   Luis Prazeres (Portugal) – 2: 0

Match score    Israel  –  Portugal      5-1 

Match 2 

 26.03.2022  Portuguese draughts, Haifa

 Dmitry Ganopolsky (Israel)   –   Nuno Viera (Portugal) – 0:2

 Roman Kolesnikov (Israel)   –   Thiago Neves (Portugal) – 0:2

 Yuri Kirillov (Israel)   –   Luis Prazeres (Portugal) – 1:1

Match score    Israel  –  Portugal      1:5

Match 3

27.03.2022  Brazilian draughts,  Kiryat Gat

Dmitry Ganopolsky (Israel)   –   Nuno Viera (Portugal) – 1:1

Yuri Kirillov (Israel)   –   Thiago Neves (Portugal) – 1:1

Mikhael Shabshay (Israel)   –   Luis Prazeres (Portugal) – 1:1

Match score    Israel  –  Portugal    3:3

Aggregate score in 3 matches    Israel  –  Portugal    9:9

Also, the Portuguese draughts players took part in Israeli Open Blitz Championship in Russian draughts, timed to coincide with the 75th anniversary of grandmaster Yuri Kirillov.

Master of Sports Sergei Chausovski (Israel) became the winner of the Israeli Open Blitz Championship. Portuguese draughts player Nuno Viera took 6th place, showing a good result and receiving a cash prize.


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