Updated calendar for 2022, Regulation of the World Cup, standing in the World Cup after 3 stages


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Updated calendar of IDF events for 2022  HERE

Updated Regulation of the World Cup 2021-2022 in draughts-64  HERE

The current standing in the World Cup 2021-2022 after 3 stages  HERE

After 3 stages, the leaders in the World Cup are:

1. Georgi Taranin (Russia) 334 points

2. Dmitrii Melnikov (Russia) 322 points

3. Roman Shchukin (Russia) 269 points

The leaders among women are:

1. Svetlana Streltsova (Russia) 155 points

2. Polina Petrova (Russia) 144 points

3. Maria Chesnokova (Belarus) 132 points

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