Registration in Section-64

Letter from FMJD Section-64 – IDF to all Draughts Federations

 Ladies and Gentlemen! The Section-64 continues its work on the development of draughts-64 in the world as a part of the FMJD. July 12, 2012 inthe town of Balchik, Bulgaria, there was established the International Draughts Federation in order to develop all kinds of draughts on the 64-square board and in order to give a legal status to the FMJD Section-64 (now the official name of the organization – “The FMJD Section-64 – International Draughts Federation”, “The FMJDSection-64”, “International Draughts Federation”).

 In connection with the ordering of our activities and the legal registration, National Federations – members of the
FMJD, developing draughts-64, should legalize their membership in the FMJD Section-64 before March 01, 2013

application form engl,  application form rus

We also invite to join our organization National Federations, developing other types of draughts-64 (in addition to the Russian and Brazilian versions – Czech, Italian draughts, pool checkers, etc.) and non-members of the FMJD

application form engl,  application form rus

Applications are submitted to the FMJD Section-64 – IDF Board by e-mail: [email protected][email protected]

The FMJD Section-64 – IDF is the sports organization that develops its sports and spend its funds primarily for its members.

National Federations, which will register in our organization in time (before March 01, 2013) got all the rights and privileges of members of the FMJD Section-64 – IDF in 2013, in full: namely, participation in our events, ability of holding the competitions of the official calendar, obtaining official players and referees titles, honor awards, grants, payment of costs from the organizers to accommodate the participants (room and board from each member federation: for 4 participants in the World Youth Championships – 1 participant in each age group; and 1 man and 1 woman in the World Championships among men and women), etc.

In just a few months of 2012 the status of the FMJD Section-64 – IDF member have already issued 14 National Federations.
This means that players from at least 14 countries will participate in the World Championships in draughts-64 on favorable terms. Other National
Federations can take part in our events with full payment of all expenses from their funds.

I hope for understanding and mutual cooperation for the development of draughts-64 in your own countries and around the world.

The FMJD Section 64 – IDF President  Vladimir Langin