Correct report of the FMJD General Assembly in Wageningen

Report of the FMJD General Assembly 23.09.2013 in Wageningen  is written incorrectly, with large inaccuracies and distortions, especially with respect to the Section-64. We took into account the experience of the General Assembly in 2012 in Lille which report was misleading. So we made an audio recording of the General Assembly to prevent intentional distortion. We checked report of the General Secretary Mr. Teer and found many inconsistencies. We fixed report according to an audio recording. See letter to members FMJD and correct report HERE  

Letter to members of FMJD                Letter to members of FMJD rus

Dear Colleagues,

I leave statements of Harry about paranoia and “inferiority” of people from the former Soviet Union on his conscience. President FMJD clearly showed us the level of his culture and tolerance, as well as the wisdom that came to him over the years. I answer on the merits.

In the table below you can see three of the many fragments of report made by Mr. Teer that distort the meaning of statements about Section 64, depict the activities of its Board in a negative light and represent the situation with IDF not relevant to the real situation. For comparison you can see the transcript of GA, WHAT WAS ACTUALLY SAID during the meeting. The full version of the transcript in the attached file.

Report True
Mr. Langin wants to explain about IDF
FMJD has problems and differences of opinion with the section 64.   That s why IDF wants to register officially section 64 as IDF so that it is not necessary anymore to discuss section 64 issues in the FMJD General Assembly.
That’s why in Bulgaria we established IDF in July 2012, International Federation Russian Draughts, 64 draughts.At 14 September in Ukraine the General Assembly of IDF decided that IDF will develop the FMJD section 64.
It was decided to abandon the name FMJD section 64 and to use the new mark name IDF.
Mr. Langin wants to explain about IDF
We had difficulties with defining the quota and the quorum for the Assembly. It was the first time we
got the idea that Section 64 must register a legal entity for work with sponsors, to hold the Section-64 GA in a correct way, etc.In such organization must be present the country really developing draughts-64.
We were forced to establish a federation that would represent draughts-64in FMJD, and it happened July 2012 in Balchik, Bulgaria.Thereafter, September 14 in Eupatoria, Ukraine, the General Assembly of the Section-64 was held, and countries, developing draughts-64 (Russian and Brazilian) decided that IDF” will be the brand name of the FMJD Section 64 in the communication of all matters of draughts-64.
Vladimir Langin: Checkers are separate but all other variants including Brazilian and Turkish Draughts and other versions should be organized by section 64. Vladimir Langin: We are against of division of the Section 64. We want to develop all kinds of draughts-64. Such kinds as Checkers and Turkish draughts work separately, but in addition to Russian and Brazilian draughts we want to develop Czech draughts i.e., draughts on the 64-square board.
Vladimir Langin: I do not understand this request as Ukraine freely voted for the creation of IDF.It was not required to become a member it was not obligatory.It is a lie of Mr. Yacenko. It is just a request to register as member of IDF. The federation of Latvia and Lithuania are registered as member of IDF. Vladimir Langin: We have no problems.  We did not force anyone to join the IDF. We are encouraged to register in the FMJD Section-64. For example, I have the documents of Latvia and Lithuania for registration in the Section 64.
Jacek Pawlicki: it’s really important that this is not IDF assembly but FMJD assembly.Let’s create a small group to come with conclusions: Mr Yacenko who started in this small group as first president of section 64. What is the status of IDF, is it OK or not OK for FMJD. Yacenko, Langin, Pawlicki. …Voting about forming a committee with the persons as named earlier Harry Otten: suggested forming a committee with the persons Yacenko, Pashkevich, Langin, Pawlicki…Voting about forming a committee with the persons as named earlier

As everyone can see, all of the examples are not simply a discrepancy between what was said and what Mr. Teer wrote. The Section-64 Board exhibited as separatists and its activities as wrecking to the FMJD, while in fact, the Section 64 operates in full compliance with democratic principles and the FMJD Statutes.

Why in the report the Section-64 position is represented this way? What is it – a deliberate falsehood and distortion of facts by Mr. Teer? Or is he just unable to make the correct protocol of the GA?

Mr. Teer and his apologists assure us in crystal honesty of the General Secretary. Hence, there is professional incompetence of Mr. Teer, his clear inability to perform the functions of the General Secretary. If so, we ask him to resign. We have neither the time nor the desire perform his duties – to listen 10 hours of audio to bring the GA protocol in accordance with that it was in fact, but not with that Mr. Teer heard (or not heard).

I am ready for talks with Mr. Otten on the interaction of FMJD and Section-64, and the participation of the Section-64 in events of SportAccord and IMSA. I propose to do it through e-mails.

However, these arrangements will have meaning only if nonintervention Mr. Otten and FMJD leadership in activities of Section-64.

Waiting for an answer as from Mr. Otten about proposals for interaction of the FMJD and Section-64 and from Mr. Teer about deliberate/undeliberate of his mistakes and his ability/inability to continue to perform the duties of the FMJD General Secretary.

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