Does General Secretary FMJD Mr. Teer resigned or not?

Some of the federation ask us. Does General Secretary FMJD Mr. Teer  resigned or not? Judge for yourself. We present a letter of Mr. Teer from 21-01-2014 after publication of the correct report of the General Assembly FMJD. It turned out that written by Mr. Teer report of the General Assembly had numerous distortions.

Dear members of the Executive Board,

I have tried to do my best on the report of the General Assembly.
Clearly my best is not enough for the russians and Belarussians who have only one goal:
There is a long history starting in or may be even before the 90-s with insults, accusations and negativism from their side.
In my view these people only want one thiing:
To destroy FMJD and become the main version of draughts with their childrens game on 64.
The comment of our colleugue, the great Vladimir Langin, is clear enough:
Hence, there is professional incompetence of Mr. Teer, his clear inability to perform the functions of the General Secretary. If so, we ask him to resign.

I hope Russia can deliver a good general secretary.

Then we can be sure that the GA report consists of nothing but lies.
Well the statement of my colleague in the FMJD board Langin is clear.
This is my last mail

I wish you all good luck fighting these bastards.

Best regards,
Frank Teer
General Secretary FMJD

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