World Youth Championship under 24

EupatoriaWorld Youth Championship under 24 years in draughts-64 ended. Egorov Vladimir (Russia) and Galyaga Alina (Ukraine) won blitz tournament. Egorov Vladimir (Russia) and Motrichko Victoria (Ukraine) won rapid. Egorov Vladimir (Russia) and Julia Zhuravskaya (Russia) won classic program. See results.

Classic program

World Youth Championship among men

World Youth Championship among women



World Youth Championship among men

World Youth Championship among women


World Youth Championship among men

 World Youth Championship among women


The Section-64 FMJD in accordance with the calendar of the Section-64 competitions in 2012 holds World Youth Championship under 24 years in draughts-64.

Place, date

Championship will held in Eupatoria, Ukraine, from September 06, (arrival day) till September 15, 2012.
The turnout and registration: September 06, sanatorium center “Femida”, Frunze str. 28, Eupatoria, Ukraine.
Credentials Committee will work September 06, from 14.00 till 22.00.
All participants must have medical insurance for the period of competition.
Opening ceremony will be held September 07, to 12.00
Closing ceremony will be held September 15, at 16.00. Departure of participants from 17.00.
Participants must to be on the closing ceremony of the competition, in breach of the item they are deprived of official awards FMJD.

Tournament regulations

Championship is held separately among men and women 1989 years born and younger.
Competitions are held in the Russian version of draughts-64 by the system of micro-matches consist of two games in the three types of programs: the classic game — with time control 45 minutes till the end of the game plus 10 seconds on each move, the rapid game with time control 10 minutes till the end of the game plus 5 seconds on each move, and the blitz game with time control 3 minutes till the end of the game plus 3 seconds on each move.
All types of the program will be played with the drawing according to the official tables of the Section-64 for men and the drawing of the first move of the white for women.
System of competition is Swiss.
Blitz begins September 07, from 12.00.
Rapid are held September 08, from 10.00.
Championship with classical time control begins September 09, at 10.00.
All participants claimed by national federations are allowed to participate in World Youth Championship-2012.
Applications for participation in the Championship must be submitted to the Section-64 until August 20, 2012 and repeated on e-mail: [email protected].

Tournament fees

Each participant of the competitions should pay organizational tournament fee at the day of arrival: 45 (forty five) euro for participating in the program with classical time control, 10 (ten) euro for the blitz program and 10 (ten) euro for the rapid program.

Accommodation and meals

Travel expenses, accommodation and meals paid by sending organizations.
Cost of accommodation ranges from 5 to 10 euros per person per day.


Section-64: Langin Vladimir, mob +79219562001, e-mail [email protected]
With all hospitality, visa and travel questions please contact:
Zhuk Vitaly, tell/fax +380 652255352, e-mail: [email protected]

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