International youth team competition on the Cup «Golden dame»

ХХXІI International youth team competition on the Cup «Golden dame» was held from 4 to 9 January 2013 in Lvov (Ukraine). 20 teams from 6 countries (Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine) participated in the competition. Team-winners: 1st placeRTSAP-1 (Minsk. Belarus), 2nd placeKaluga (Russia), 3rd placeSDUSHOR-11 (Minsk, Belarus).


Composition of the team — 7 people: 3 boys and a girl born in 1997 and younger, two reserve players, coach — representative.


January 4 — arrival of teams to 17 hours. Individual and team blitz 18.00
January 5 — opening ceremony, 1-3 rounds, small sports games.
January 6 — tour of the city, 4-5 rounds, the conference for coaches.
January 7 — 6-7 rounds, draughts relay, small sports games, dance.
January 8 — 8-9 rounds,  awards, closing ctremony.
January 9 — departure of teams.

Time control in the main tournament  is 45 minutes till the end of the game, in the blitz and draughts relay — 5 minutes.


Photo see HERE and HERE


Results of main tournament:

1st place — team RTSAP-1 (Minsk. Belarus),

2nd place — team Kaluga (Russia),

3rd place — team SDUSHOR-11 (Minsk, Belarus).

See results of main tournament  HERE


Results of blitz:

1st place —  team SDUSHOR-11 (Minsk, Belarus)

2nd place — team St. Petersburg (Russia)

3rd place — team Kaluga (Russia)

See results of blitz  HERE 

Results of draughts relay:

1st place —  team  RTSAP-1 (Minsk. Belarus)

2nd place — team St. Petersburg (Russia)

3rd place — team SDUSHOR-11 (Minsk, Belarus)

See results of draughts relay HERE


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