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World Draughts Oscar 2012

The «World draughts Oscars — Golden Hermes» 2012 will be awarded  in March 2013 during the opening ceremony of the 1st stage of the World Cup in draughts-64, Chelyabinsk (Russia). This traditional prize this year is awarded in two categories:

«The best player in  draughts-100»
«The best player in draughts-64»

Winners will be determined by voting.   See more information about event HERE


The ceremony of awarding by the «World Draughts Oscar — the Golden Hermes” for 2012 year took place in the Ural State University of Physical Culture of Chelyabinsk March 6, 2013.

Awards presented to:

1. «The best player in draughts-100″

Chizhov Alexey  (Russia, Udmurtia)
Winner of the World Mind Sports Games 2012 (Lille, France),
2nd place of the SportAccord World Mind Sports Games 2012 (Beijing, China).

2. «The best player in draughts-64″

Kolesov Gavril (Russia, Yakutia)
Winner of the World Mind Sports Games 2012 (Lille, France),  Champion of Russia 2012.

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