Electronic voting FMJD on Section-64

Dear National federations — the FMJD members!
FMJD contrary to the actual situation with the development of draughts-64 in the World and for the sake of personal ambitions of individual members of the Board conducts the voting on the division of the Section-64 to Russian and Brazilian. Voting is illegitimate for many reasons, including contradiction to point 4.1 of the FMJD Bye-Laws. Russian and Belarusian National federations will not participate in the illegitimate voting. We start legal proceedings and filed a complaint to the Ethics Committee.

The draughts world is very fragile. You should choose very carefully.

Every National federation will have to make a choice:

To participate in competitions in different kinds of draughts on a 64-squared board (Russian, Czech, Portuguese and, of course, the Brazilian versions, etc.), holding by the FMJD Section-64 — IDF, which is strong, successful, having a long history, traditions and good financial positions organization, or to participate in competitions of illegitimate «Section-64 Brazilian», which besides the desire to secede of its organizers cannot offer you anything.

Many times we offered to the FMJD Board peace and cooperation on adequate conditions. After all, success of draughts-64 under the FMJD umbrella is successes of all FMJD. But leaders of the FMJD always chose conflicts and war. Note that this is choice of individual Board members for which they are accountable to all of you.

We consider the aggression to Section-64 of individual the FMJD Board members as a desire for revenge for Lille and envy to our successes.

In any case we will develop different kinds of draughts-64. Nobody and nothing can interfere us in this business.

Tournaments in Brazilian draughts are traditionally held in the Section-64 World Cup in 2014.
Such competitions will be held in Rimini, Pardubice and Portugal.

European draughts-64 Championship in St. Petersburg (October, 2014) will be held with great prize fund. One of tournaments of the Championship is the European Blitz Championship in Brazilian draughts.

We hope that National federations will make the right choice.

We invite to cooperation with the Section-64 — IDF all interested federations!

Vladimir Langin,
President IDF — Section-64 FMJD

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