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Прошедшие события

Belarussian Draughts-64 Championships

Belarussian Championships in draughts-64 among men and women (Major League) was held from June 25 to July 03, 2013 in Minsk. International master Igor Mikhalchenko won. GMI Andrey Valyuk took 2nd place and the legend of draughts-64 Arkady Plakhin took  3rd place. Vera Hvaschinskaya became a champion for women, Daria Fedarovich ranked second and Anastasia Stasyuchenok ranked third. See all results on the site of Belarussian Draughts Federation. …

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2nd Stage of World Cup — International competition “Rimini-2013”

2nd Stage of World Cup — International draughts-64 competition “Rimini-2013” ended. Competition was held from June 9 to June 14, 2013 , at the Hotel «New Primula***» , Viale Trento 12, Rimini, Italy. Players of the top-10, international grandmasters Oleg Dashkov, Gavril Kolesov, Dmitry Tsinman, Vladimir Skrabov took part in competitions. Gavril Kolesov won Italian version, Dmitry Tsinman won Brazilian version and Vladimir Skrabov  won Russian …

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European Youth Championship

Classic program of European Youth Championship ended. 141 players from 10 countries participated. Balukova Olga (G10),  Volkov Nikita (B10), Letyagova Olga (G13),  Romanov Ilia (B13), Jocaite Milda (G16), Norkus Domantas (B16), Khvaschinskaya Vera (G19), Panchenkov Bogdan (B19) became champions. See results on the website of European Youth Championship HERE  See photo from closing ceremony.

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Asian Draughts Championship

Asian Draughts Championship 2013 in draughts-64 ended. 144 players from 9 countries took part in all tournaments of the championship. Byashimov Akhmet from Kazakhstan became a champion among men and Yuldasheva Sayyora from Uzbekistan became a champion among women.  See all results. Full information about championship see on the site of Asian Draughts Confederation HERE.

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Chinese Championships in draughts-64

National Chinese Championships in draughts-64 among men and women (Russian version, the draw of moves and positions) ended in the city of Taiyuan, Shanxi Province of China. The championships were held in draughts-64  and in draughts-100 at the same time. You can see more information about events on the website of Yuri Anikeev HERE. See results in draughts-64:

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Belarusian Youth Championship


Belarusian Youth Championships in draughts-64 among boys and girls in the 4th age groups 1994-96, 1997-99, 2000-02, 2003 year born and younger took place in Borisov from 23 to 28 March 2013.  101 players from 62 boys and 39 girls participated in the championship. See results on the website of the Belarusian Draughts Federation HERE

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Youth Championship of Kazakhstan

Championship of Kazakhstan in draughts-64 among boys and girls in the age groups 1994-96, 1997-99, 2000-02, 2003 year born and younger was held in Shymkent, Kazakhstan, from 21 to 31 of March 2013. The championship was held in three categories: classic, rapid and blitz. 140 participants, among them 1 GMI, 1 MF, 15 national masters of sport participated. See results:

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1st Draughts tournament in Malawi

Association of Draughts in Malawi (ADMA) was held 1st Draughts tournament in draughts-64 . Tournament  took place at Atupele Executive Lodge, Kawale township in Lilongwe the capital city of Malawi 29-31 of March, 2013. 7 teams  having 5 players from each club participated. Ganizani Majawa along his team MBAYANI DRAUGHTS CLUB became a new Malawi champion!

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