The application form for a visa

Participants of the World Championships in Bulgaria and World Men and Women Championships in St. Petersburg must to send an application for a visa in a special form. You can download the application form for a visa HERE

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European Youth Championship

Classic program of European Youth Championship ended. 141 players from 10 countries participated. Balukova Olga (G10),  Volkov Nikita (B10), Letyagova Olga (G13),  Romanov Ilia (B13), Jocaite Milda (G16), Norkus Domantas (B16), Khvaschinskaya Vera (G19), Panchenkov Bogdan (B19) became champions. See results on the website of European Youth Championship HERE  See photo from closing ceremony. (далее…)

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Asian Draughts Championship

Asian Draughts Championship 2013 in draughts-64 ended. 144 players from 9 countries took part in all tournaments of the championship. Byashimov Akhmet from Kazakhstan became a champion among men and Yuldasheva Sayyora from Uzbekistan became a champion among women.  See all results. Full information about championship see on the site of Asian Draughts Confederation HERE.


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Draughts-64 Championship of Uganda

Draughts-64 championship of Uganda (Brazilian version) took place on Sunday 21st April 2013 at Seeta, Uganda. This has been the most competitive championship in the recent years.  Six players took part in the UDF championship for the first time and other players played in Brazilian draughts  at the first time. The tournament started at 3.00 pm and ended at around 8.30 p.m. Sam Senoga emerged the champion (далее…)

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