Does General Secretary FMJD Mr. Teer resigned or not?

Some of the federation ask us. Does General Secretary FMJD Mr. Teer  resigned or not? Judge for yourself. We present a letter of Mr. Teer from 21-01-2014 after publication of the correct report of the General Assembly FMJD. It turned out that written by Mr. Teer report of the General Assembly had numerous distortions. (далее…)

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Correct report of the FMJD General Assembly in Wageningen

Report of the FMJD General Assembly 23.09.2013 in Wageningen  is written incorrectly, with large inaccuracies and distortions, especially with respect to the Section-64. We took into account the experience of the General Assembly in 2012 in Lille which report was misleading. So we made an audio recording of the General Assembly to prevent intentional distortion. (далее…)

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Reference of the president of IDF- FMJD Section-64 Vladimir Langin

Recently FMJD leadership resumed active operations aimed at destroying draughts-64 as an international sport. Instead of welcoming the huge successes in the development of Section-64, the structural unit of FMJD, leadership of FMJD through all available methods of trying to discredit our game and Section-64 at the international level, to usurp the right to represent the sport «Draughts» exclusively for draughts-100. (далее…)

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