Russian Championship among men and women

Shashki_logoDraughts Federation of Russia in Loo (Sochi) from September 19 (day of arrival) to October 01, traditionally held:
Russian Championship in draughts-64 (Russian draughts) among men and women.
Russian Cup in draughts-100 among men and women.
All-Russia competitions in Russian draughts among boys and girls.

Russian Championship in draughts-64 among men and women ended. See results.


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FMJD dishonors draughts-64

On September 22, the event, which FMJD and its organizer, Mr. Marcos, pathetically called the World Cup, started in Brazil. As everybody can easily see from the “competition” standings, in the tournament are involved official representatives from two countries (Brazil and Poland) and several tourists without applications of their national federations and contrary to federation’s decisions. At the same time the strongest Brazilian draughts players are not allowed to the competitions and “the title” played out between “Marcos’s Sixteen”, not even qualified through national preliminaries. (more…)

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Calendar 2017

IDF logoPreliminary calendar of IDF events in 2017 published HERE.

What should pay attention:
World Championships for men and women will be held in October 2017 in St. Petersburg (Russia).
In the older group of Juniors the upper limit for the age increased. Players 26 years and younger will be able to take part in competitions.

We ask all countries to send calendars of national competitions for inclusion in the shared calendar 2017.

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