Results of the World Cup 2018 in draughts-64

World Cup 2018 in draughts-64 completed. In 2018, 6 stages were held, which took place in Jamaica, Uzbekistan, Italy, Estonia, Portugal and Georgia. At the closing ceremony of the World Cup final in Georgia, the results of World Cup 2018 were summed up and the prize winners in all nominations were awarded in accordance with the 2018 World Cup Regulations.

In the Events section – World Cup 2018 – Final standings, the final standings of the World Cup 2018 published. You can see information about the World Cup 2018, the results and download the tables  HERE

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Traditional draughts tournament memory V. Sokov in St. Petersburg

Traditional Open Draughts Tournament memory of the legendary draughts player Vasily Sokov and competitions among boys and girls in the age groups 2002-2004, 2005-2007, 2008-2009, 2010 and younger, having the status of All-Russian competitions are held in St. Petersburg (Russia) from December 1 (arrival day) to December 9 (departure day) 2018. Team classification is provided in the youth tournament. Team composition is 3 boys and 1 girl.

International grandmaster Evgenii Kondrachenko (Belarus) won Blitz. IDF master Nikita Volkov won classic program of the traditional open tournament memory V. Sokov. See results. (more…)

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IDF Calendar 2019

Preliminary calendar of the International Draughts Federation (IDF) competitions in 2019 published HERE

The IDF Rules of the official competitions for 2019 will be published soon. New in the rules for the next year – in the World Team Championship points in each round will be calculated on the amount of points scored by all team members; participants will be admitted to the World Veterans Championship not by year of birth, but by date of birth, i.e. the onset of the required age at the beginning of the competition.

All national federations are requested to send calendars of national championships to the IDF office by December 15, 2018 to form the general calendar of IDF competitions in 2019. We remind you that the calculation of ratings and assignment of international titles will be made only for tournaments included to the IDF official calendar of competitions.

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Final of World Cup 2018 – International competition “Georgia-2018”

International Draughts Federation (IDF) in accordance with the Calendar of competitions in 2018 held from 17th to 25th November 2018 in Tbilisi (Georgia) Final of World Cup 2018 in draughts-64 – International competition “Georgia-2018”. Competitions were held in three programs: Blitz, Rapid and Classic.

International grandmaster Andrei Valiuk (Belarus) won Blitz and Rapid program. International grandmaster Arunas Norvaishas (Lithuania) won Classic program. See results.

Results of the overall standings of the World Cup 2018 were summarized and awarding the winners was held at the closing ceremony of the Final of World Cup for all categories in accordance with the Regulations of the World Cup 2018.  (more…)

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Tournaments in Saarbrücken (Germany)

Following Draughts tournaments were held in Saarbrücken (Germany) from the 16th to the 18th November 2018:
Draughts-64 (Brazilian version): 9th Open German Draughts-64 Championship ( 16- 17 November 2018)
Draughts-100: Saarbrücken–Open Draughts-100 Tournament (17 – 18 November 2018)
International grandmaster Gennady Shapiro (Germany) won 9th Open German Draughts-64 Championship.

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