5th Stage of World Cup 2013 in Pardubice

International draughts competition «Pardubice-2013» – 5th Stage of World Cup in draughts-64 ended. Competition was held in Pardubice, Czech Republic,  from July 10, (arrival day) till July 19, 2013 as the part of the traditional festival of intellectual games Chess-open. See results. 




15-18/07/2013   Russian draughts   Final standing      

 Vladimir Skrabov 
Andrey Gnelitskiy
Valeria Denisova

14/07/2013    Czech draughts       Final standing      

Jiří Sysel                
 Vladimir Skrabov 
 Filip Kareta

12-13/07/2013   Draughts-100    
This tournament is not a part of World Cup but is traditional for Festival of Games.  See more information about event HERE 

11-12/07/2013    Brazilian draughts   Final standing    

Vladimir Skrabov 
 Andrey Gnelitskiy
Valeria Denisova 

Winners of Czech draughts tournament Vladimir Skrabov, Jiří Sysel and Filip Kareta

Winners of Brazilian and Russian draughts tournaments Andrey Gnelitskiy, Vladimir Skrabov and Valeria Denisova


Preliminary list of participants

The Section-64 FMJD – IDF in accordance with the calendar of the Section-64-IDF competitions in 2013 holds International draughts competition – 5th Stage of World Cup. Competition will be held in Pardubice, Czech Republic,  from July 10, (arrival day) till July 19, 2013.

Announcemen rus

Conditions rus

Pardubice Regulations  engl

 Program of events:

10/07/2013      Arrival and registration

11/07/2013      World Cup tournament, Brazilian Draughts, start fee 10 EUR
12/07/2013      World Cup tournament, Brazilian Draughts before 16.00

12/07/2013      International Draughts tournament  from 17:00
13/07/2013      International Draughts tournament 
                            This tournament is not a part of World Cup but is traditional for Festival of Games

14/07/2013      World Cup tournament, Czech Draughts, start fee 160 CZK (6,5 EUR).   Rules of Czech draughts see  HERE   

15 — 18/07/2013   World Cup tournament, Russian Draughts, start fee 20 EUR

19/07/2013       Departure

Playing site name and address:

CEZ Arena (winter stadium), Sukova Street 1735, Pardubice

Travel connection from Prague to Pardubice:

From Václav Havel airport get to Prague main station (Hlavní nádraží).

Important note — In Prague, you have to stamp a ticket immediately after you enter the bus.

The easiest way is to buy a ticket for a bus called AE bus, which goes directly from the airport to the main station. The bus leaves every hour and the trip takes about 45 minutes. The price is 62 crowns.

Another possibility is to take a bus 119 to a terminal station – Dejvická (metro A — green line), then go 5 stations to metro station Muzeum. Switch to metro C (red line) and continue one station to Hlavní nádraží. This costs 32 crowns only, but it´s more complicated.

At the main station (Hlavní nádraží), you can buy a train ticket to Pardubice main station. The trip takes approximately 70 minutes.

Connection from the railway station in Pardubice:

By No. 3 trolley bus or by No. 10, 16 and 17 bus (4th stop)

Accommodation in Pardubice:


The costs of travel, food and accommodation of participants — at the expense of the sending organization or yourself.

Other useful Information:

Can be found at official website of Czech Open festival: http://www.czechopen.net/en/

Rate of exchange:

1 euro is about 25 Czech crowns.
1 US dollar is about 19 crowns.

More exact rate of exchange can be found here:


Interesting things: http://www.facebook.com/czechopenen

Applications for participation should be sent to the Section-64 no later than June 14, 2013 by e-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

Obligatory applications together with accommodation orders should be sent by 15th June 2013 to the organizer’s address:

AVE-KONTAKT s.r.o., Strossova 239, 530 03 Pardubice, Czech Republic, tel./fax +420 — 466 535 200, mobile phone + 420 – 608 203 007, e-mail: [email protected], http://www.czechopen.net


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