IDF President Vladimir Langin held a a simultaneous game in Lusaka

4_1680_zambiaJuly 27, after ending of the first African Draughts-64 Championship President of the International Draughts Federation, 3-time world champion, International Grand Master Vladimir Langin held a short lecture and a session of simultaneous game in Russian draughts for students of Russian Cultural Center of Zambia in Lusaka. The event was attended by the Consul of the Russian Federation in Zambia and the representatives of the Russian Cultural Centre. (more…)

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The first African Championship

logo_AC-64International Draughts Federation (IDF) together with the Zambia Draughts Federation (ZDF) holds in Lusaka from 22 (arrival day) to 27 July (departure day) 2016 the 1st African Draughts-64 Championship qualifier for the World Championship 2017.

Lukanga Mambwe from Zambia become the winner of the first African Draughts-64 Championship in Rapid. Richard Mwammba from Congo (DR) become the winner in Classic program.


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Asian Cup in draughts-64

logos copyAsian Championship in draughts 100 and Asian Cup in draughts-64 are held in Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) from 20 to 30 July. Asian Cup in draughts-64 is held among men, women, boys and girls from 20 to 23 July in 2 programs: classical and blitz. In blitz Artikov Alisher (Uzbekistan) and Liu Pei (China) became the winners among men and women. In classic program Liu Jinxin (China) and Liu Pei (China) became the winners among men and women.  (more…)

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3rd Stage of World Cup-International competition «White Nights-2016″

WorldCup-2016_logoInternational Draughts Federation (IDF) in accordance with the Calendar of the competitions in 2016 was held from July 9, (arrival day) till July 17, 2016 (departure day) in St. Petersburg (Russia) 3rd Stage of World Cup 2016 in draughts-64 – International competition “White Nights-2016”. Competitions was held in St. Petersburg State budget educational institution of additional education “SDYUSSHOR in Chess and Draughts” (Chigorin club) at: Bolshaya Konyushennaya str. 25, St. Petersburg (Russia). World champion Sergey Belosheev become the winner in Blitz and Classic program. See results. (more…)

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6 th International Sports Games “Children of Asia”

1467786298183.287--Logo_centre2-16 th International Sports Games “Children of Asia” was held in Yakutsk from 6 to 16 July. Teams from the Russian regions, countries of Asia, members of the Olympic Council of Asia participated in the competitions. 38 countries have officially confirmed their participation in the games. 4,000 athletes are compete in 22 sports. Games “Children of Asia” in 2016 is expected most ambitious composition and number of participants in the history of their conduct since 1996.

Draughts competitions was held from 9 to 15 July. Competitions in draughts-64 was held in the framework of the games for the first time. See results. (more…)

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