Standing in World Cup 2017 after 5 stages

Standing in World Cup 2017 after 5 stages published in Section Events – World Cup 2017.

In the classic program (points are summed up with Rapid program), international grandmaster Vladimir Skrabov leads with a score of 257 points. International grandmasters Dmitry Tsinman (243 points) and Arunas Norvaishas (236 points) are a stubborn fight with him for the World Cup 2017. In Blitz program, Dmitry Tsinman leads with a score of 101 points. Vladimir Skrabov has 96 points, and Arunas Norvaishas has 78 points.

The final 6th stage of the World Cup starts in St. Petersburg on December 2. See detailed information on the standings in the World Cup 2017 after 5 stages  HERE

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5th stage of World Cup – International competition “Georgia-2017”

International Draughts Federation (IDF) in accordance with the Calendar of competitions in 2017 holds from 5 to 12 November 2017 in Tbilisi (Georgia)  5th stage of the World Cup 2017 in draughts-64 – International competition “Georgia-2017”. Competitions are held in the hotel “Kalasi”, which successfully hosted European Draughts-64 Championship 2016 among men and women. International grandmaster Dmitry Tsinman won Blitz. International grandmaster Sergei Belosheev won Rapid and Classic program. (more…)

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World Draughts-64 Championship 2017 among men and women

World Draughts-64 Championship 2017 among men and women is held with the support of the Foundation for Promoting the Development of Draughts Sports “Russian Draughts” from 19th October (arrival day) till 29th October (departure day) 2017 in St. Petersburg (Russia) at the hotel “Moscow ****”. Competitions are held separately for men and women in three program: Blitz, Rapid and Classic. Blitz and Classic program are held in International/Russian version of draughts-64. In Blitz, international grandmasters Gavril Kolesov (Russia) won in men and Elena Scovitina (Moldova) won in women.  In Rapid, international grandmasters Ihar Mikhalchenka (Belarus) won in men and Elena Scovitina (Moldova) won in women. Ihar Mikhalchenka (Belarus) and Zhanna Sarshaeva became a world champions in classic program. (more…)

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Short report of IDF Board meeting

September 20, 2017 in St. Petersburg was held a meeting of the Board IDF. Short report of the IDF Board meeting is HERE. The meeting approved the results of the world championships among teams, youth and veterans, held in Bulgaria from August 23 to September 2, 2017; the issues of preparation for the World Championship 2017 were considered; the preliminary calendar of the competitions for 2018 was approved; approved the newly established African Draughts Confederation as the organization responsible for the development of draughts-64 on the African continent under the aegis of IDF; the issues of the current activity of the federation were considered. According to the results of the competition in 2017: world championships in Bulgaria, national championships and the implementation of norms in the various competitions, new international titles been assigned to the next players: (more…)

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Calendar 2018 published

Preliminary calendar of the International Draughts Federation (IDF) competitions in 2018 is published HERE

All national federations must send their calendars of national championships to the IDF office by November 1, 2017 for inclusion in the general calendar of IDF competitions in 2018. We remind you that the calculation of ratings and assignment of international titles will be made only for tournaments included in the official calendar of the International Draughts Federation (IDF) competitions 2018.

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