Section-64 FMJD celebrates 20 years of activity

Section-64 FMJD celebrates 20 years of activity! The General Assembly of FMJD on Meeting October 13, 1992 in Toulon (France) decided to create the Section-64. Ex-President of the World Draughts Federation FMJD Vadim Bayramov from Russia was elected president of the Section-64 FMJD responsible for the development of all kinds of draughts on the 64-cell board in the world.


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Lithuanian Club Team Championship in draughts-64

Club Team Championship in classic Russian draughts was held in Bačkonys, Lithuania from 16 to 18 November, 2012. 16 teams took part in the Championship. Championship was held by Swiss system in 8 rounds, time control 30 minutes + 5 seconds, micro-matches of two parties. The team consisted of four people. (далее…)

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Draughts in Deskohraní 2012

Central European Mind Sports Olympiad Deskohraní 2012 held in Prague from 06 till October 14, 2012. See information about the event HERE. Several draughts tournaments held in the framework of this great festival. See information about tournaments HERE (далее…)

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