World Draughts Oscar 2011 Result

March 6, 2012 in Chelyabinsk took place the ceremony of awarding the “World Draughts Oscar – the Golden Hermes”

Awards presented to:

1. “For his contribution to the development of Draughts movement, high personal sporting achievements, promoting Draughts in Russia and the World”

Fedorov Maxim (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod)
GMI, a bronze medalist of X World Championship in correspondence play on Russian Draughts, author of Encyclopedia of the endgame in three volumes (2010)

2. “The best player of the year in Draughts-100”

Georgiev Alexander (Russia, St. Petersburg)
World champion 2011, winner of the SportAccord Mind Sports Games 2011. (Beijing), champion of Russia 2011

3. “The best player of the year in Draughts-64”

Dashkov Oleg (Russia, Samara)
World Champion 2011, champion of Russia 2011, winner of the Cup of Russia 2011, the reigning champion of Europe.

4. “Best player-woman of the year”

Tansykkuzhina Tamara (Russia, Ufa)
World champion 2011 in Draughts-100, European Champion 2011 on blitz game, champion of Russia 2011

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