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Sites of International Organizations

TAFISA The Association For International Sport for All
GAISF Global Association of International Sports Federations
SAWMG SportAccord World Mind Games
IMSA International Mind Sports Association
FMJD World Draughts Federation
EDC European Draughts Confederation
ADC Asian Draughts Confederation
ADF African Draughts Federation
IDCD The International Draughts Committee of the Disabled

Sites of Federations and draughts sites

ADMA Association of Draughts in Malawi
AESCADA Sports Association house of Damista
BDF Belarusian Draughts Federation
Chinese Draughts Association Draughts in China
Damweb.cz Czech Draughts Federation
Draughts Association of India Draughts Association of India
Eesti Kabeliit Estonian Draughts Federation
FFJDI French Federation of international Draughts 64-144
FID Italian Draughts Federation
FPD Portuguese Draughts Federation
FSHR Draughts Federation of Russia
Israeli Draughts Federation Israeli Draughts Federation
Jamaica Draughts Association
Jamaica Draughts Association
Latvian Draughts Federation Latvian Draughts Federation
Lietuvas saskiu federacija Lithuanian Draughts Federation
MDF Mongolian Draughts Federation
MSSA Mind Sports South Africa – MSSA
Ukrshashki Draughts in Ukraine
Warcaby Polish Draughts Federation
Zambia Draughts Federation Zambian Draughts Federation
ADF African Draughts Federation page
shashki.blog.bg Bulgarian Federation Draughts page
Draughts Association of India
Draughts Association of India page
Federatia Joc de dame Draughts Federation of Moldova page
Ajla Sport (64-100) Site about all draughts events in the world
World Championships-64 Site for World Championships in draughts-64.
Pool Checkers Site about Pool Checkers in the world.

Draughts resources

Books Online Checkers Library
Draughts Diagrams Online diagram maker

Online draughts

Gambler Online Games
PlayOK Online Games
Ludoteka Features many different draughts variants
VOG Vinco online games (Internet Explorer only)
ASHSHI Online tournaments (14 draughts variants)

Computer draughts

Aurora 11 draughts variations (English, Italian, Russian, Brazilian, Czech, American pool, Spanish, 100, Frisian, Spantsireti and Canadian)
EDEON Russian draughts
Plus Various kinds of draughts (Draughts-100 Plus500, Russian Draughts Plus600, Checkers Plus700, Brazilian Draughts Plus800 and Pool Checkers Plus900).
ToSha Russian, Brazilian draughts and Checkers