Calendar 2014

Calendar of the IDF events 2014

Date Competition City Country
04.01.2014  09.01.2014 International youth team competition “Golden dame” 1998 years born and younger Moscow Russia
05.03.2014 13.03.2014 International competition memory E.Stepanov Chelyabinsk Russia
14.03.2014 20.03.2014 International competition memory Iosif Urikh and Savely Urikh Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine
07.04.2014 17.04.2014 Match for the title of world champion
Struchkov N. – Kolesov G.
St. Petersburg Russia
29.04.2014 07.05.2014 Personal-team European Youth Championship
juniors 1995-1997 years born
cadets 1998-2000 years born
mini-cadets 2001-2003 years born
hopes 2004 years born and younger
Pinsk Belarus
08.05.2014 12.05.2014 International competition memory Oleg Chernyak Dnepropetrovsk Ukraine
14.06.2014 21.06.2014 International competition «Rimini-2014»
I Stage of World Cup
Rimini Italy
09.07.2014 17.07.2014 International competition «Pardubice-2014»
II Stage of World Cup
Pardubice Czech Republic
19.07.2014 27.07.2014 International competition«White Nights – 2014»   III Stage of World Cup St. Petersburg Russia
29.07.2014 03.08.2014 International competition «Jogeva-2014» Jogeva Estonia
10.08.2014 15.08.2014 International competition «Cup of Information Technology».  IV Stage of World Cup Kazan Russia
26.08.2014 04.09.2014 Personal-team World Youth Championship                  juniors 1995-1997 years born
cadets 1998-2000 years born
mini-cadets 2001-2003 years born
hopes 2004 years born and younger
hopes 2006 years born and younger
Seminars for arbiters  and coaches
Kranevo Bulgaria
26.08.2014 04.09.2014 World Youth Championship
Juniors 1991 years born and younger
Kranevo Bulgaria
26.08.2014 04.09.2014 World Team’s Championship Kranevo Bulgaria
07.09.2014 16.09.2014 World Seniors Championship (50 year and older, 60 year and older) Eupatoria Russia
17.09.2014 24.09.2014 International competition S. Kashaev Eupatoria Russia
October International competition memory Gringruz Bendery Moldova
October Deskohrani Festival of Games Prague Czech Republic
17.10.2014 26.10.2014 European Men Championship St. Petersburg Russia
17.10.2014 26.10.2014 European Women Championship St. Petersburg Russia
01.11.2014 09.11.2014 International competition  «Portugal – 2014» Lisbon, Albufeira Portugal
07.12.2014 14.12.2014 International competition memory V. Sokov Final of World Cup St. Petersburg Russia

 Calendar of National Championships

Date Competition Version  Sity
12.01.2014 Ugandian Championship RUS  Kampala
23.01.2014  26.01.2014 Estonian Men and Women Championship RUS  Tallinn
26.01.2014 Ugandian Individual Open Championship (Pool checkers) PCH  Mbale
31.01.2014  02.02.2014 Latvian Women Championship. RUS  Riga
01.02.2014  02.02.2014 Lithuanian Championship BRAZ  Jonava
08.02.2014 Latvian Youth Championship (U10) RUS  Sigulda
14.02.2014  16.02.2014 Latvian Youth Championship (U13,U16,U19) RUS  Riga
15.02.2014 Lithuanian Youth Championship (U13) RUS  Šiauliai
15.02.2014  16.02.2014 Lithuanian Youth Championship (U23) RUS  Šiauliai
21.02.2014  23.02.2014 Lithuanian Women Championship RUS  Vilnius
22.02.2014 Latvian Youth Team Championship (U10,U13) RUS  Valmiera
28.02.2014  05.03.2014 Youth Championship of Moldova (U10, U13, U16) RUS  Chisinau
01.03.2014  02.03.2014 Lithuanian Youth Championship (U16) RUS  Vilnius
01.03.2014 Lithuanian Youth Championship (U10) RUS  Vilnius
02.03.2014  09.03.2014 Ukrainian Youth Championship (U13, U19) RUS  Melitopol
02.03.2014  11.03.2014 Russian Youth Championship (U16, U19, U23) RUS  Leningrad Region
06.03.2014  11.03.2014 Lithuanian Men Championship RUS  Vilnius
16.03.2014  23.03.2014 Ukrainian Youth Championship (U10, U16, U23) RUS  Ivano-Frankovsk
18.03.2014  23.03.2014 Women Championship of Moldova RUS  Chisinau
22.03.2014 28.03.2014 Belarussian Youth Championship (U10, U13, U16,U19) RUS  Borisov
23.03.2014 01.04.2014 Russian Youth Championship (U8, U10, U13 ) RUS  Yaroslavl Region
25.03.2014 04.04.2014 Youth Championship of Kazakhstan (U10, U13, U16, U19) RUS  Alma Aty
Belarussian Men and Women Championship. Major League RUS  Minsk
Portuguese National Individual Championship
PT  Portugal
12.04.2014 Latvian Men Championship. Semifinal RUS  Riga
18.04.2014 20.04.2014 Latvian Men Championship. Final RUS  Riga
27.04.2014 Ugandian Individual Open Championship BRAZ  Seeta, Mukono
09.05.2014 18.05.2014 Portuguese National Individual Championship Final PT  Potrugal
10.05.2014 11.05.2014 Lithuanian Club Championship (draw of moves and positions) RUS  Alytus
10.05.2014 18.05.2014 Personally-team Ukrainian Cup. Men, Women RUS  Belaya Tserkov
12.05.2014 20.05.2014 Spartakiad of school children (1997 year born and younger, 3b+3g) RUS  Kazakhstan
15.05.2014 Men Championship of Moldova RUS  Chisinau
17.05.2014 1st Dutch Championship BRAZ  Tilburg
18.05.2014 Czech Team Championship (Czech Draughts) CD  Prague
25.05.2014 31.05.2014 Championship of Uzbekistan. Men, Women, Juniors U23 RUS  Tashkent
25.05.2014 01.06.2014 Russian Team Championship. Men’s and Women’s Teams RUS  Loo (Sochi)
31.05.2014 09.06.2014 Russian Cup. Men, Women RUS  Loo (Sochi)
Championship of Kazakhstan. Men, Women, U23 RUS  Kzilorda
Ugandian primary and secondary school Championship PCH  Mwiri, Jinja
15.07.2014 18.07.2014 Championship of France BRAZ  Montceau-Mines
20.07.2014 30.07.2014 Team Championship of Kazakhstan RUS  Balhash
03.08.2014 Ugandian Individual Open Championship PCH  Fort Portal
23.08.2014 Lithuanian Championship. Rapid RUS  Ukmergė
24.08.2014 Lithuanian Championship. Blitz RUS  Ukmergė
14.09.2014 Ugandian Individual Open Championship RUS  Uganda
24.09.2014 09.10.2014 Russian Men and Women Championship RUS  Loo (Sochi)
28.09.2014 Latvian Championship. Rapid RUS  Riga
04.10.2014 Latvian Team Championship RUS  Riga
18.10.2014 Latvian Cup (U10,U13, U16) RUS  Liepupe
07.11.2014 09.11.2014 5th Open German Draughts 64 Championship BRAZ Saarbrücken
21.11.2014 23.11.2014 Lithuanian Club Championship RUS  Backonys
22.11.2014 30.11.2014 Belarussian Men and Women Championship. First League RUS  Minsk
November Individual Czech Championship CD  Prague
29.11.2014 Portuguese National Individual Championship Rapid PT  Portugal
30.11.2014 Ugandian National Club Mini-league (Pool checkers) PCH  Kireka, Wakiso
06.12.2014 Portuguese Cup. Final PT  Portugal
13.12.2014 Portuguese National Team Championship. Final. Rapid PT  Portugal
14.12.2014 Ugandian Individual Open Championship BRAZ  Masaka
20.12.2014 24.12.2014 Belarussian Cup. Men, Women RUS  Minsk