The International Draughts Federation (IDF) was established 12 of July, 2012, in the city of Balchik (Bulgaria) and officially registered June 5, 2013, in Bulgaria (code 176513387).

Thе organization was a legal entity of the FMJD Section-64 in accordance with the decision of the FMJD Section-64 General Assembly (September 14, 2012, Evpatoria, Ukraine). This step was taken to give legal status for the main organizational structure, developing draughts-64 in the world, as well as improving the efficiency of its activities.

The Section-64-IDF was the part of the FMJD, along with Section 100 and Checkers Section. President FMJD Section-64 Vladimir Langin (Russia) was elected as the President of the International Draughts Federation IDF.

October 16, 2015 after the adoption new charter by the FMJD General Assembly, enshrining the priority development within FMJD only one game – draughts 100, Section-64 left the FMJD and continued its work under the brand of the International Draughts Federation (IDF).

The objectives of the organization are to develop and to promote all over the world the draughts – sports games at the traditional 64-square board,  spread in the most countries of the world, to organize international sports draughts events, to organize the drawing of world and continental titles.

IDF promotes different types of the game on the 64-square board at the global arena such as international/Russian version, Brazilian version, pool checkers, Portuguese checkers, etc.

The game of draughts is the integral part of world culture; millions of people in most countries play in draughts on the 64-square board. We are confident that the draughts-64 has a great future, so the International Draughts Federation (IDF) plans to develop all variants of draughts on the 64-square board. Some variants of draughts, such as Czech and Italian draughts will be able stabile to reach the international level. All together in a friendly family of draughts-64, we can overcome difficulties, create a powerful organization and to raise the draughts-64 as a sport to a new level.

We invite all National federation of draughts interested in the development of our sport, to join our organization created primarily to support and develop draughts-64 all over the world.

Our details:



                    UIC 176513387        

Address:      Dobrich Region, Kranevo, Chernomorska str. 41, 9649 Bulgaria

Bank:          Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD / Райфайзенбанк (България) ЕАД

Bank address: Dobrich, 25 Septemvri Str. 25, 9300 Bulgaria

IBAN account no:   IBAN BG94 RZBB 9155 1003 8766 00

BIC (Swift code):   BIC RZBBBGSF