The World Cup-2012 is held in six stages:

Competition Place Country From To
International competition memory E.Stepanov
1st World Cup
Cheliabinsk Russia 05.03.2012 13.03.2012
International competition «White Nights – 2012»
2nd World Cup
St.Petersburg Russia 21.07.2012 30.07.2012
International competition «Cup of Information Technology»
3rd World Cup
Kazan Russia 11.08.2012 17.08.2012
International competition «Tikhvin – 2012»
4th World Cup
Tikhvin Russia 30.07.2012 07.08.2012
International competition memory Chapichev
5th World Cup
Eupatoria Ukraine 15.09.2012 22.09.2012
International competition dedicated to the 100 th anniversary of birthday V. Sokov.
6th World Cup
St. Petersburg Russia 09.12.2012 17.12.2012

• Points in the each step will be awarded to participants who occupying the first 15 places:

1st place – 25 points
2nd place – 21 points
3rd place – 18 points
4th place – 15 points
5th place – 14 points
6th place – 13 points
7th place – 11 points
8th place – 10 points
9th place – 9 points
10th place – 8 points
11th place – 6 points
12th place – 5 points
13th place – 3 points
14th place – 2 points
15th place – 1 point

• World Cup is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of V. Sokov. In this regard, the last stage of the Cup, Memorial V. Sokov will apply the following special conditions:
o Points in the Cup standings, which players rack up on the results of the Memorial, will be increased by 1.5 times
o Players why won first place in each of the previous stages, provided with accommodation by the organizers at the Memorial V. Sokov.

• Top 3 results, shown in all stages, go to the World Cup. Prize-winners of the World Cup – 2012 will receive official medals and diplomas, and the winner – Cup. World Cup Winner 2012 will be provided with accommodation and meals by the organizers of World Championship 2013 and he will be paid the tournament fee in a single size. Prize-winners of the Cup will have the opportunity to participate in this World Championship without entry fee.

• Prize fund in the World Cup 2012 is  2000 Euros:

1st place – 1000 EUR
2nd place – 500 EUR
3rd place – 300 EUR
4th place – 100 EUR
5th place – 100 EUR