Publication about women in draughts

Floriano Roncarati from Italy sent a publication on women’s issues and the women’s movement in the draughts.  You can read the publication HERE  


Publication sections

3  Introduction
3  The question of women
3  But why was chosen on March 8?
4  The presence of women in sport
5  The presence of women in the “Checkers”
6  The sport of women in Italy
7  Towards the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016
7  The presence of women in the Italian draughts movement
8  Classification of Elo Rubele – women in Italian draughts
9  Classification of Elo Rubele – women in International draughts
Once upon a time …. Draughts Sport
11  Draughts women in Bologna
15  In Italy, the world mach between Borghetti and Moiseyev
16  Italy – list of winners-women in Italian draughts
20 Erika Rosso already challenger for the world title “women” WCDF
21 Erika Rosso is already in the history of the world draughts players
22 A deep injustice
23 World Champions (100)
24 Compendium of women’s world titles
24 The draughts movement after the collapse of the Soviet Union
25 Latronico (Potenza) 11 – November 26, 2005 Women’s World Championship
27 World women Ranking  FMJD 2013
28 Zoja Golubeva
29 Darya Tkachenko
30 Tamara Tansykkuzhina
32 The Book of Mikhail Kats, trainer  of Zoja Golubeva  and Elena Altshul
34 European Draughts Confederation
35 FMJD Section-64  – IDF
38 Draughts-64 players with international titles
40 World women Ranking in draughts-64 (1 January 2013)
40 Viktoriya Leontyivna Motrichko
41 World Draughts Federation FMJD
42 Emilia – Romagna European Charter of Rights of women in sport
42 The Library of the Alma Mater “The history of the Federation of Italian Draughts  in Bologna”
43 How to become a “master in draughts”

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