Letter to the all national federations developing draughts-64

Letter of president of the International Draughts Federation IDF – FMJD Section-64 Vladimir Langin to the all national federations developing draughts-64.

Letter to all federations rus


Dear Colleagues,

Recently the FMJD Board announced the electronic voting to divide Section-64, which for 20 years has developed Russian and Brazilian draughts, into two separate organizations. We have written many letters to the FMJD, so you are aware of the situation.

In result of our recent request to the Board about the electronic voting note:

1. Decisions of the commission created by the General Assembly in Wageningen on Section-64 issues are absent.

2. In the documents sent out to the electronic voting the e-mail of Polish Draughts Federation was spoofed. Original letter to the General Assembly on the establishment of the Brazilian section, dated 21.09.2013, ie two days before the General Assembly. This letter does not have the right to appear in the documents of the agenda and considered in the General Assembly. It is a direct and rude violation of the FMJD Statutes. Letter from the Polish Federation of 22.01.2014 sent out with documents on electronic voting instead of the previous one, is not more than only opinion of the Polish Federation and cannot be a subject to vote.

3. Finally, according to the FMJD Statutes, I am the president of the Section-64 (Russian/Brazilian). Accordingly, in case of separation of the Section-64 into Russian and Brazilian I will remain President of both new structures.

Summarize the most important.

1. Several members of the Board – Otten, Pawlicki and Teer – doing everything possible to destroy draughts-64 within the FMJD as an international sport. This is done for financial and political gain.

2. Mr. Otten, Pawlicki and Teer confidently lead the FMJD to a split and destruction of international prestige of the organization, and the resulting decline in the status of all kinds of draughts at the international and national levels.

3. Leading a consistent policy of discrimination of draughts-64, these gentlemen do not shun anything up to direct and deliberate lies, manipulation of documents and financial fraud. Lately, these “gentlemen” do not hesitate to publicly call the leadership of national federations and Section 64 bastards and paranoid.

4. We have repeatedly offered Otten, Pawlicky and Teer negotiations to keep the peace and integrity in the draughts world. In Tallinn (2011) and in Wageningen (2013) specifically Otten promised certain things and immediately broke the agreements.

5. We developed, developing and will continue to develop various kinds of draughts on a 64-square board under the brand of the FMJD Section-64 – IDF or only under the IDF brand. Currently these kinds are: Russian, Brazilian, Portuguese, Czech, Italian draughts and pool-checkers. The number of kinds will increase.

6. The Section-64 – IDF will continue to hold international competitions at the highest level. The prize fund of the World Championship in August 2013 amounted to about 50,000 Euros, prize fund of the match for the world title, which will be held in April 2014, amounts more than 30 000 dollars. A prize fund of European Championship-2014 we plan to do even higher.

7. For reference, budget of the FMJD, this poor organization, amounts about 50,000 Euros, and consists almost entirely of money came from the SportAccord. However, we have repeatedly stated that the Section-64 does not pretend for this money, because we used to earn money, and not live on donations.

8. If the separation of the FMJD Section-64 will happen, because of his stubbornness and contempt for the interests of the countries developing not only draughts-100 but also draughts-64, Mr. Otten can forget about the FMJD recognition by the IOC. The Section-64 started procedure for the preparation of lawsuits in International and Dutch authorities.

9. I please national federations express their will through electronic voting, namely:

a. to support the suggestion that the Section-64 has its members;

b. to support the suggestion that the Section-64 has the right to collect its own fees. Annual fee will amount of 20 Euros and will not increase.

c. federations of countries developing draughts-64 to vote against the proposal of Pawlicki and Marcos to split the Section-64;

d. to rename the Section 64 Russian/Brazilian into the Section 64, which will develop different kinds of draughts-64 within FMJD.

e. federations of countries not developing draughts-64 to send a letter stating that they abstain from voting on an issue that does not affect them.

10. Because of efforts of Otten, Pawlicky and Teer, draught-64 forced to fight for their survival. These gentlemen have brought war into peaceful FMJD house. We have nothing to lose in this war but draughts-100 can lose a lot.

I hope that national draughts federations will show the wisdom and prudence, and will make right choice.

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