New Year’s greetings of the president Vladimir Langin

Dear friends!

On behalf of the International Draughts Federation IDF – FMJD Section-64 and I personally congratulate draughts players, coaches, organizers, officials and all fans of draughts on the New Year!

Greetings rus

It became a good tradition before the New Year to think about our past achievements and share plans for the future.

In 2014, draughts-64 successfully continued its development. We had active contacts with different countries. The current members of the International Draughts Federation IDF are 35 national federations and we constantly interact with more than 60 countries of the world.

In October 2014 report-election General Assembly was held, which was attended by representatives of 23 national federations. New governing bodies were elected on next 4 years. All delegates supported the course of the International Draughts Federation IDF on the development of different kinds of draughts in the world.

In 2014, according to the calendar a series of major events was held.

In April, 2014 in St. Petersburg together with Federation of draughts of Yakutia the match for a title of the world champion between the current world champion, the world champion of 2013 Nikolay Struchkov and the 7 time world champion, the world champion of 2011 Gavril Kolesov was organized. The prize fund of a match was 1 000 000 rubles (about 30 000 US dollars). For the first time online broadcast of a match was organized. The course of a match was watched by fans of draughts from 65 countries.

In October, 2014 in St. Petersburg with financial support of Fund of assistance to development of draughts sport “The Russian draughts” was held European Draughts-64 championship (Classic game and Blitz – Russian version; Rapid  – Brazilian version). Representatives of 20 European countries participated in the championship. The prize fund for the first time in the history of the European championships on draughts-64 was 1 500 000 rubles (about 32 000 Euros, of them the Brazilian version – 10000 euros).

The World Cup has been further developed.

6 World Cup stages took place in Russia, Italy, the Czech Republic and Portugal. More than 200 players from 22 countries took part in competitions. Within the World Cup passed competitions on Brazilian, Italian, Russian, Czech draughts and, in the first time, in the Portuguese draughts. The big resonance received a match on the Portuguese draughts: Portuguese national team – team of the world. A match which took place on 11 boards won Portuguese national team with result 6 won : 5 lose. The general Prize fund of the World Cup was more than 10 000 Euros.

The International draughts federation paid much attention to children’s sport. European youth Championship in Belarus and World youth Championship in Bulgaria was held at the high level and in fine conditions.

I want to stop in more detail on the World youth Championship in Bulgaria. The Championship among juniors (boys and girls till 24 years) was held in Brazilian version of draughts-64. The new age group – boys and girls of 8 years was experimentally introduced for the first time. Competitions took place successfully and got support from national federations. For the first time organizers handed to winners of the main program in all age groups prizes – tablet computers. I hope that the awarding the prizes to the strongest young players at official youth competitions will become tradition.

Under the auspices of the International Draughts Federation IDF in the different countries traditional and new international tournaments on draughts -64 were held.

In total more than 1000 players from 40 countries of the world took part in official competitions of the International Draughts Federation IDF in 2014!

Official English-language website of the International Draughts Federation IDF is actively developing. The news about draughts-64 activities are watched by fans from 165 countries of the world!

Especially for the World Championships in draughts-64 the site was created. The site is positioned as the site about history of the World Championships in draughts-64. Work on collection of information, systematization and publication of history of the World Championships is conducted.

Information on activities of the International Draughts Federation IDF is published on a page of federation in Facebook. Our events were regularly covered also on various Internet resources, on television, in newspapers and magazines.

2015 will become a new stage in development of draughts-64 in the world. We carry out a lot of work on adjustment of the international contacts, involvement in our organization new countries.

The World Championships 2015 in draughts-64 among men and women (the Russian and Brazilian versions) will take place at the high level with a record prize fund.

World Cup will be further developed:
7 stages of World Cup are planned in Italy, Russia, France, the Czech Republic and Portugal with inclusion of these tournaments for Russian, Brazilian, Italian, Czech and Portuguese version of draughts-64. The prize fund will be increased.

The International Draughts Federation IDF will continue a course on increase of level and prestige of draughts sport. The special attention will be paid to observance by participants of competitions of requirements of rules and regulations of IDF (such as obligatory presence at opening and closing, a dress code, discipline, observance of ethical standards, etc.).

We will have new activities and projects for the development of draughts-64 in the world.

I wish health, success wellbeing, new fulfillments to you and prosperity to our beloved sport!

President of the International Draughts Federation IDF – FMJD Section 64  Vladimir Langin

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