Former Vice President and Tournament Director of the Section-64 Vitaliy Zhuk passed away

February 18, 2015 passed away Vitaliy Zhuk – long time Vice President and Tournament Director of the Section-64 FMJD. Vitaliy Zhuk stood at the origins of the Section-64, made a great contribution to the development of draughts-64 in the world. See video memory Vitaliy Zhuk.

Vitaliy Zhuk was Master of Sports, Honored coach, international arbiter, Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of the Republic of Crimea. For many years he oversaw the development of draughts and chess in the Crimea, holds a high-level competitions, including – the largest official tournaments of Section 64 such as individual and team World and European championships for men, women, veterans and youth.

Thanks to the wonderful organizational qualities and personal authority of  Vitaliy Zhuk in the Republic of Crimea was created Republican Sports school for chess and draughts, which he headed since 2004. Being a wonderful coach, Vitaly Zhuk trained group of highly skilled players, the most famous of which is multiple world champion in draughts-64, International Grandmaster Sergey Belosheev.

Anyone who was familiar with Vitaliy Zhuk, felt deep sympathy for him, appreciated his hospitality and wit, optimism and admired cheerfulness.
Vitaliy Zhuk will be remembered not only, as an outstanding draughts figure, but as a real friend, funny, generous, never be weary people.

The Board of the International Draughts Federation expresses its deepest condolences to the families and friends of the deceased. The bright memory of Vitaly Zhuk will remain forever in our hearts!

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