FMJD dishonors draughts-64

On September 22, the event, which FMJD and its organizer, Mr. Marcos, pathetically called the World Cup, started in Brazil. As everybody can easily see from the “competition” standings, in the tournament are involved official representatives from two countries (Brazil and Poland) and several tourists without applications of their national federations and contrary to federation’s decisions. At the same time the strongest Brazilian draughts players are not allowed to the competitions and “the title” played out between “Marcos’s Sixteen”, not even qualified through national preliminaries.

The level of organization shows managerial talents of Brazilian Ostap Bender. Prize fund consists of $0.00 or 0.00 in any other currency. The lure is six places in the SportAccord Games-2017 with some virtual prizes. By the way the FMJD not paid off with the winners of the Games-2016 so far, but for sure nobody is in doubts that the members of the Brazilian pool will be all right?!

The whole draughts community understands clear that the “world championships” like the Brazilian dishonors draughts-64. It would be naive to believe that the Brazilian “championship” is only a matter of self-interest of Mr. Marcos. In fact, we see ongoing campaign of the FMJD leaders to discredit any kind of draughts except draughts-100. Their logic is simple: to put draughts-64 in a negative light, “proving” in such a way that their game is most international in the Universe and the other versions are “children’s” games with the wretched championship, as the one that is now in Brazil.

At the time the IDF offered the FMJD cooperation – now it is clear to everyone that Otten, Pavlicky and Teer base their policy on hatred and discord in the draughts world. The FMJD, until these people are in the leadership, no longer able to be a force that unites all kinds of draughts in the World. Nevertheless, the holy place, as we know, is never empty – that the FMJD cannot do, for sure can be done by other international federation.

IDF organizes the World Championships in draughts-64, including Brazil, in another way: in 2013, 35 countries, the prize fund – about 60 000 dollars; 2015, 43 countries, 60 000 dollars. Comments are superfluous.

We make great efforts to develop our games, and we will not tolerate those who through their actions intentionally harms our common cause. We talk about the participants of the Brazilian tournament, and all those who by their actions harms the image of the IDF and our game.

IDF is not a mock structure such as illegitimate “Brazilian” FMJD section, we legitimately established and came to stay. IDF will continue to hold high-level international competitions in Russian, Brazilian and other versions of draughts on classic 64-square board. In the near future – the World Championship-2017 (Russian and Brazilian version), which will be exceptional even by our high standards of the competition.

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