New titles in draughts-64

Meeting of the IDF Board was held February 25, 2016 in St. Petersburg. At the meeting were discussed issues of calendar 2016 and approved the new IDF regulations. The most important of these are Rules of the game and competitions in draughts-64 (Revised 2016) and Regulations for assignment of international titles IDF (See HERE)

IDF in accordance with the Charter begins independently assign the title to the players and referees. IDF Board meeting approved the new IDF titles.
FMJD titles in draughts-64, assigned by the FMJD Section-64 before 16.10.2015, will be automatically equated to the IDF titles in IDF competitions.
Due to the fact that the Section-64 (Russian-Brazilian) 10.16.2015 left the FMJD, since that time only the IDF conducts all legitimate competitions in draughts-64.  It was approved the decision if some players will be participate in any illegitimate FMJD competitions in draughts-64, this players will not be allowed to the IDF competitions and will not receive IDF international titles.

New titles in draughts-64:

By decision of the IDF Board from 25.02.2016, the title of “International Grand Master” was awarded to players having at the time of the establishment of the International Draughts Federation IDF (12.07.2012) the title of National Grand Master or Grand Master of the USSR and having on the 01.01.2016, the international rating of 2350 or higher in men and 2250 or higher in women.

Titles of players according to the results in the World Championship 2015, taking into account the results in the previous period, were also approved.

The title of “International Arbiter” was awarded to referee from St. Petersburg Victor Makarov.

New titles IDF was assigned for following players:

No Player Country Title Fulfilled
1 Belikov, Anton Russia IGM Automatically
2 Burov, Aleksandr Russia IGM Automatically
3 Gulyaev, Nikolay Russia IGM Automatically
4 Langin, Vladimir Russia IGM Automatically
5 Norvaisas, Arunas Lithuania IGM Automatically
6 Smajdris Sigitas Lithuania IGM Automatically
7 Sozinov Anton Russia IGM Automatically
8 Vaz Vieira, Manuel Portugal IGM Automatically
9 Ivanov, Vladimir Russia IM By norms
10 Fedotov, Andrey Russia IM By norms
11 Khaynyk Kirill Belarus IM By norms
12 Kiselev, Mikhail USA IM By norms
13 Melnikov, Dmitrii Russia IM By norms
14 Rysaev, Damir Russia IM By norms
15 Isabirye, Dan Uganda FM By norms
16 Farnests, Janis      Latvia FM By norms
17 Makoka, Banda Enock Malawi FM By norms
18 Muangou, Gerve Congou FM By norms
19 Kiknadze, Levan Georgia FM By norms
20 Pecherin, Anton Finland FM By norms
21 Rashidli, Zeynal Azerbaijan FM By norms
22 Ten, Sergey Kazakhstan FM By norms
23 Korotkaya, Elena Ukraine WIGM Automatically
24 Ivanova, Ekaterina Russia WIM By norms
25 Jocaite, Milda Lithuania WIM By norms
26 Leopoldova, Nika Russia WIM By norms
27 Sadigli, Leyli Azerbaijan WFM By norms
28 Strelcova, Svetlana Russia WFM By norms


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