Preliminary IDF Calendar 2020

Preliminary 2020 IDF calendar of the official cometitions published HERE  To be included to the 2020 IDF calendar of national championships, please send the calendars of national championships for 2020 to the IDF office by November 15, 2019. We remind you that the ratings and norms of international titles are calculated only for tournaments included to the IDF calendar.

In August-September 2019, IDF successfully held in Bulgaria all the planned events:

World Youth Championship, in which more than 160 athletes from 15 countries took part, representatives of 10 countries won medals including representatives of 8 countries won gold medals;

For the first time, the world team youth championship was held. Championship received a positive assessment from the heads of delegations. 10 national boy’s teams and 9 national girl’s teams from 11 countries took part in competition.

The world team championship (men, women) was attended by 11 men’s and 11 women’s national teams.

Athletes from 11 countries participated in the World Championship among veterans. Representatives of 7 countries won medals.

More than 70 players from 15 countries took part in the 4th Stage of the World Cup 2019 in draughts-64-International competition “Bulgaria-2019”.

The main tournament of the year, the World Championship among men and women, was attended by 95 athletes from 34 countries representing Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

Ahead of the World Cup Final – International Competition “Portugal-2019” from November 2 to 9 at which a large representation of countries is expected and the first international draughts-64 tournament in Japan “Tokyo-2019” from November 13 to 18, 2019.

We invite you to participate!

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