Сalendar of online tournaments updated

Сalendar of online tournaments updated. See the updated calendar HERE

For the first time, an online Tournament of Friendship in Brazilian Draughts will be held.

For the first time, the African Online Draughts-64 Championship will be held.

For the first time, Draughts-64 will be presented at the famous Mind Sports Olympiad 2020 (MSO), which has been held in London since 1997. This year, in connection with the coronavirus, the Olympiad will be held online.

Within the framework of the Olympiad, 4 online draughts-64 tournaments will be held: open tournaments and tournaments among boys and girls up to 17 years in Russian and Brazilian draughts with offset by age groups.

The participation of draughts-64 in such a significant and famous Mind Sports Olympiad is very prestigious and will become another step in the promotion of draughts-64 in the world.

The regulations of competitions will be published shortly.

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