IDF news and new international titles

According to the results of the competitions in 2021 and results of previous years, the following athletes were fulfilled according by norms and awarded international titles:

International Master
Tikhonov Artem and Nikalayeva Viktoryia (both Belarus)

IDF Master
Banevicius Rokas, Domarkas Andrius, Golubaev Valentin (all Lithuania), Kamilli Famil (Azerbaijan), Shybakou Zakhar (Belarus), Azoyan Marika (Estonia), Krapivina Anna and Malakhovska Nela Kristine (Latvia).

Site sections were updated.

In the section Athletes/Our champions/World, section Veterans was added.

In the section Athletes/Our champions/World and European, statistics on the winners of the world and European championships for men and women have been added.

See statistics here:

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