New Year’s greetings of the IDF President Vladimir Langin

New Year’s greetings of IDF President Vladimir Langin

Dear friends!

On behalf of the International Draughts Federation (IDF) and me personally I congratulate draughts players, coaches, organizers, officials and all fans of draughts with the coming New Year!

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New titles 2023 |  Calendar 2024

The main events of the IDF calendar were held in 2023:

World Cup in the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent.

More than 100 athletes from 8 countries took part in all disciplines of the World Cup. Among them are 12 of the strongest grandmasters in the world, many of whom are champions and prize-winners of world championships in different years.

International grandmaster Sergey Belosheev became the absolute winner in all three disciplines.

For women, the winners were Anastasia Arkhangelskaya in Blitz, Shakhzoda Tursunmurotova in Rapid and Nika Leopoldova in the classic game.

European Youth Championship and World Cup in Turkey, in which about 200 players from 11 countries took part;

European Championships among men and women, qualifying for the 2024 World Championship.

Representatives from 14 countries took part in all programs of the European Championship, including 23 of the strongest international grandmasters of Europe and the world.

The championship prize fund was 20,000 Euro.

European champions were:

Ihar Mikhalchenka and Elena Scovitina in Blitz!

Ihar Mikhalchenka and Vera Khvaschinskaya in Rapid!

Roman Shchukin and Viktoryia Nikalayeva in Classic game!

3rd African Championship in draughts-64 among men, 1st African Championship among women and World Cup in Lusaka (Zambia).

More than 60 athletes from 9 countries took part in the competition.

For men, the absolute winner in all three programs of the African Championship was William Christian, Chinzewe (Zambia).

For women, Flavia, Kusiima (Uganda) won Blitz program; Suzen, Kachepa (Malawi) won Rapid and Classic program.

At the World Cup, the absolute winners in all three programs were Roman Shchukin for men and Suzen, Kachepa (Malawi) for women!

Following the results of the African Championship, the title of International Grandmaster was awarded to the young Chinzewe, William Christian, who showed a phenomenal result.

World Youth Championships, World Veterans Championships and World Cup in Turkey.

160 athletes from 13 countries took part in the World Youth Championships, and more than 260 athletes from 15 countries took part in all competitions – the World Youth Championship, the World Veterans Championships and the final stage of the 2022-2023 World Cup!

The results of the World Cup in draughts-64 2022-2023 have been summed up.

The World Cup was held in 7 stages. The World Cup stages were held in Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Zambia and Turkey.

272 athletes from 28 countries took part at all stages of the 2022-2023 World Cup, among them 31 international grandmasters.

Winners of the World Cup 2022 – 2023 among men were:

Getmansky Alexander

Sarshaev Mazhit

Roman Shchukin

Winners of the World Cup 2022 – 2023 among women:

Nikalayeva Viktoryia

Fedorova Tunaara

Ivanus Viktoria

Based on the results of the 2022 – 2023 World Cup Sarshaev Mazhit received the title of International Grandmaster.

Based on the results of the competition and the fulfillment of the rules of international titles, 27 athletes and 4 referees were awarded various titles. (see above)

In 2023, to award the prize-winners of official competitions, IDF produced new medals and awards, which were presented for the first time at the autumn competitions in Turkey.

New tables for drawing moves and positions for the Russian and Brazilian versions of draughts-64 have been prepared and approved. The tables will be applied starting from the World Cup and European Youth Championships in April 2024. (see above)

A lot of work on preparing the new tables was carried out by international grandmasters: the chairman of the IDF players’ commission, Dmitry Tsinman, as well as Yuri Kirillov and Dmitry Melnikov, under the general leadership of IDF President Vladimir Langin.

We are entering 2024 with big plans and good prospects. (see above)

The IDF calendar includes:

– the main tournament of the year – the World Championships among men and women, which will be held at a high level, with a large representation of countries (more than 30) and with a good prize fund.

– World Youth Championship with the World Championship among students and World Championship among veterans;

– the World Cup stages will be held twice in Turkey, in Uzbekistan and in Mongolia (for the first time!)

– continental championships planned:

– European Youth Championship;

– Asian Championship among men and women and Asian Youth Championship;

– a number of international tournaments.

I wish everyone in 2024 health, personal well-being, success and new achievements in sports and personal life, prosperity to our favorite sport!

Vladimir Langin, IDF President

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