News from FMJD. New titles have been assigned

Section-64 filed in FMJD representation on the titles for players and referees of the Section-64. We are pleased to announce that all submitted titles assigned. Congratulations with well-deserved titles!


  1. Skrabov Vladimir (RUS)
  2. Zhekeev Mirat (KAZ)


  1. Byashimov Akhmet (KAZ)
  2. Domchev Alexey (LTU)
  3. Dudco Denis (MDA)
  4. Goryunov Mikhail (RUS)
  5. Kondrachenko Evgeny (BLR)
  6. Lapin Vadim (UKR)
  7. Poylov Sergey (RUS)
  8. Shogin Denis (RUS)


  1. Domchev Alexey (LTU)
  2. Gaydukov Andrey (RUS)
  3. Goryunov Mikhail (RUS)
  4. Gnelitsky Andrey (RUS)
  5. Kriger Andrey (RUS)
  6. Norvaisas Arunas (LTU)
  7. Sadovsky Sergey (BLR)
  8. Smaidrys Sigitas (LTU)
  9. Sozinov Anton (RUS)
  10. Valuzis Richardas (LTU)
  11. Vasenko Vladimir (UKR)
  12. Vyaznikov Evgeny (RUS)
  13. Zutautas Virgilijus (LTU)

 International referee

  1. Danilov Vladimir (LVA)

 FMJD referee

  1. Aniska Vitaly (BLR)
  2. Domchev Alexey (LTU)

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