Section-64 FMJD celebrates 20 years of activity

Section-64 FMJD celebrates 20 years of activity! The General Assembly of FMJD on Meeting October 13, 1992 in Toulon (France) decided to create the Section-64. Ex-President of the World Draughts Federation FMJD Vadim Bayramov from Russia was elected president of the Section-64 FMJD responsible for the development of all kinds of draughts on the 64-cell board in the world.

Vice-Presidents G. Mazilli (Italy) and R. Ferrero (Brazil), the tournament director Alexander Lehmann (Russia), Executive Secretary Sergey Gorbachev (Russia) were included in Steering Committee of the Section-64.

Steering Committee of FMJD on Meeting on December 13, 1992 in Dordrecht (Netherlands) approved the plan of activities for Section-64 on 1993-1994.

See the documents on this important historical event for draughts-64.

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