Draughts-64 Championship of Uganda

Draughts-64 championship of Uganda (Brazilian version) took place on Sunday 21st April 2013 at Seeta, Uganda. This has been the most competitive championship in the recent years.  Six players took part in the UDF championship for the first time and other players played in Brazilian draughts  at the first time. The tournament started at 3.00 pm and ended at around 8.30 p.m. Sam Senoga emerged the champion and appears to be destined to enjoy Brazilian draughts dominance since even last year; he won the tournament after a little exposure to this type of draughts. It was not known until the last round who wins from the 4 best players. There were a number of spectators who feared to take part in the championship but they are actively monitored the struggle. A number of players appreciated the skill in Brazilian draughts and preferred the version to pool checkers the commonly placed type of draughts in Uganda. This has been the first time for Seeta to host a national draughts championship.

See the table of Championship HERE

Note: The points in each game are recorded. The points are inferred from the total points scored in the two games. If the total points in the two games is 0 or 1, this implies that the player lost to the opponent and he scores zero (0) points. If the total points over the two games are 2, then the encounter was a draw and the player earns 1 point. 3 or 4 points in the 2 games played imply the player won the encounter and he earns 2 points.

Information from UDF Technical Director Dan Isabirye

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