Championships of Russia

Championships of Russia in Russian draughts  among men and women are held from 25th September to 9th October 2014 in the resort «Akvaloo», Sochi. The championship is held jointly with the Cup of Russia in draughts 100 and the Youth Russian tournament. See results.


Site of Championships

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Classic game


Standing after 1st stage      

2nd stage, places 1-16                         

2nd stage, places 17-39       

Prize-winners       Burov Alexander      Gulyaev Nikolay      Makarov Nikolay   


Final standing        Sarshaeva Zhanna      Morozova Sofia     Popova Sayyna

Blitz (28-09-2014)

Men                    Gulyaev Nikolay      Skrabov Vladimir      Playdin Vladimir

Women              Morozova Sofia       Sarshaeva Zhanna      Kuznetsova Ksenia

Rapid (27-09-2014)

Men                   Prokopiev Vasily     Gulyaev Nikolay      Makarov Nikolay

Women            Sarshaeva Zhanna      Morozova Sofia      Popova Sayyna

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