Reference of the president of IDF- FMJD Section-64 Vladimir Langin

Recently FMJD leadership resumed active operations aimed at destroying draughts-64 as an international sport. Instead of welcoming the huge successes in the development of Section-64, the structural unit of FMJD, leadership of FMJD through all available methods of trying to discredit our game and Section-64 at the international level, to usurp the right to represent the sport “Draughts” exclusively for draughts-100. Leadership of FMJD plans to do electronic voting on issues related to the Section-64. We believe that electronic voting is illegitimate. We sent letters with our position in all national federations. We ask the countries developing draughts-64 to support us. Furthermore, we inform you about the issues being discussed on the participation of draughts-64 in SportAccord World Mind Sports Games 2014.

 Letter of Vladimir Langin rus                         Letter from FSHR

Dear all,

I’m very busy on my business. So I do not have neither the time nor the desire to respond to numerous letters FMJD leadership on the same issues.
I answer immediately the questions Mr. Otten about participating of draughts-64 in SportAccord and IMSA, as well as Mr. Teer on electronic voting.

1. Finance

Financial claims

Mr. Otten. We discussed with you your financial claims to Section-64 before General Assembly in Wageningen.

I comment on your statements once for all:

1. In 2008 FMJD had to pay an additional fee 11,500 euros (fees for tickets, information from the minutes of the General Assembly FMJD). 85 draughts-64 players participated, representing approximately 30% of all players (about 280 people) . Players-64 paid directly to the FMJD tournament fees 85 people * 100 Euro = 8500 Euro, which is about 74% taxes. Thus FMJD received income from draughts-64, and not a loss.

2. Mr. Otten has repeatedly stated that FMJD leadership give 10,000 dollars of prize money of tournaments 100 and  spend it on 64. However, this statement is untrue. Promised by Mr. Otten on General Assembly financial report on this tournament we have not got.

Tournament director 100 Jacek Pawlicki engaged all questions about the Beijing 2011. Mr. Otten, finally find out what happened to
the money and tell us, please.

In addition, SportAccord concluded contracts with FMJD on World Mind Sports Games on DRAUGHTS (i.e. they should have been open to all kinds of draughts on an equal conditions). Thus, what FMJD held in the Games SportAccord tournaments draughts-100 only is a violation of the rights of draughts-64 players to participate in these competitions. Draughts-64 may have financial claims only and not FMJD.

3. In Lille FMJD funded tournaments 100, Section-64 – tournaments 64. Big spending FMJD for tournaments 100 is a personal problem of FMJD (Section 100). Section 64 does not impose a financial claims to FMJD for payment of the expenses on draughts-64, although our expenses amounted to no less than 15 000 euros, of which the prize fund was 10 000 euros.

Financial relations

You offer two options: either we must be completely financially dependent and do various contributions to FMJD or completely
financially independent, that is, in your opinion, we should not qualify for the money FMJD, SportAccord and IMSA.

In the first case, if we are completely financially dependent, it is logical that FMJD should allocate for our operations at least one third of its budget. Section-64 does not suit this because of a small budget FMJD. I think that FMJD hardly ready to consider such a possibility.

In fact, we are financially independent throughout all history of Section 64. This means that we operate entirely at our expense, we did not have FMJD finances. For our part we do not pretend to FMJD budget. FMJD also should not qualify for our budget, including
show us unreasonable financial claims.

But World Mind Sports Games of SportAccord and IMSA are not FMJD budget, and funds allocated SportAccord and IMSA on sport DRAUGHTS.

So we certainly aspire to places, tickets, prizes and paying of officials during the World Mind Sports Games of SportAccord and IMSA. However, we do not pretend to 50,000 (or 35,000?) dollars FMJD additionally receives from SportAccord on the development of the sport DRAUGHTS, although we have the right.

Thus, we believe that any financial claims on the part of management of FMJD to draughts-64 have no reason. It is time to stop. Any
disputed issues should be resolved by negotiation, rather than the false accusations and pressure on the draughts-64.

2. Brazilian section

I have repeatedly written previously that the Section-64 against the forcible separation of Russian and Brazilian section.

To make these decisions – it is the prerogative of the General Assembly of Section 64, to be held in 2014.
Countries developing draughts-64 will be invited, and we invite the president  of FMJD Mr. Otten, that he saw with his own eyes the real situation.

Despite on garbled information of Mr. Teer and Pawlicki about Brazilian draughts, in major competitions in Brazilian draughts
only since World Mind Sports Games in Beijing in 2008 to the present day representatives of 30 countries was

World Championships and World Mind Sports Games medalists of Brazilian draughts for all years were representatives of 11 countries – the USSR, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Brazil, Belarus, Uzbekistan, United States (Kuperman). The current world champion in Brazilian draughts Gavril Kolesov, World and World Mind Sports Games 2008 champions (Brazilian draughts) Nikolay Struchkov and Oleg Dashkov categorically against the division Section-64 on 2 Sections.

National championships in Brazilian draughts (except Poland and Brazil) spend France, Czech Republic, Belgium, Lithuania, Israel, Kazakhstan, China, Uganda and others.

No decision can be made on request of the two countries when draughts players from 30 countries take part in competitions for Brazilian draughts. We are for players, not players for us!

Section-64 is very active in the development of draughts-64, including Brazilian draughts. Over my years on the Board of the Section-64 the following tournaments in Brazilian draughts was held:

1) 1st World Mind Sports Games (IMSA), Beijing, 2008
2) World Youth Championship U23, Berlin, 2008
3) World Youth Championship, Poland, 2009
4) World Youth Championship U23, Poland, 2009
5) 26th World Men Championships (2nd World Mind Sports Games IMSA), France, 2012
6) Asian Championships, Tashkent, 2013
7, 8 ) World Cups in Rimini and Pardubice, 2013

In 2014 planned:

1) World Cups in Rimini and Pardubice
2) World Men Championship

It should be noted that:

1) Planned in Brazil in 2013 World Men Championship was thwarted personally by the President Brazil Draughts Federation L. Marcos.

2) All the world competitions in Brazilian draughts are held solely at the initiative of Section-64, and the other organizers wishing to hold competitions in Brazilian draughts no. We not received formal applications from Poland and Brazil.

3) Section-64 competitions in Brazilian draughts are subsidized and financed by means of a Section-64 (World Championship 2012 and World Cup events 2012, 2013 years).

It is quite obvious that the process of split of Section 64 leadership FMJD initiated. (Jacek Pawlicki – 100 tournament director).

The purpose of this demarche is clear: Pawlicki wants power and money – two years ago he has already spent on the sly unauthorized draughts-64 championship among the blind.

Before he want split Mr. Pawlicki first must give report to us on the financing of draughts-64 in World Mind Sports Games SportAccord 2011 in Beijing!

Methods used by management FMJD, you can see for yourself:

discrediting of Section 64, the General Assembly punching FMJD issues related to the competence of the General Assembly of Section-64, a violation of the Statutes during the General Assembly, the machinations with Members of FMJD; manipulation and distortion in the minutes of the General Assembly (we have 2 records of the General Assembly, which revealed numerous inconsistencies and distortions in comparison with the protocol provided by Mr. Teer).

Finally, the demarche by Marcos, who e-mails to an unacceptable form of insults of Section 64, with the tacit approval of FMJD leadership, and the demarche of Pawlicki, on behalf of the Polish Draughts Federation stating that they are not willing to work with the leadership of the Section-64!

As president of the Polish Draughts Federation he had not yet worked with the Section-64. Let him try, can succeed.

3. Electronic voting

The official response to Mr. Teer

Electronic voting on the General Assembly is not legitimate. This innovation of leadership FMJD invented to get the results of
voting on any issue. Even on the first electronic voting, where virtually no contentious issues, we do not know which countries were eligible to participate, what countries were involved, what the outcome of this vote.

Nevertheless, Section-64 clarifies the points FMJD proposals for electronic voting:

1. We certainly should have its members. Members of our organization are already 26 countries.
2. We will establish their annual fees in the amount of 20 Euro, and we will not further increase them.
3. (Proposition Czech Draughts Federation).
4. We are categorically against the division of the Section-64 in Russian and Brazilian section.
5. We believe that Section-64 should have the name “Section-64”. We do not pretend to Checkers and Turkish draughts, which made their choice. It is strange that Mr. Teer mentions Turkish draughts in our interests. But we plan additional to Russian and Brazilian draughts develop other kinds, such as Czech, Portuguese, etc.
6. International Draughts Federation IDF is a brand of Section 64.

The decision was taken by the General Assembly of the Section-64 (14.09.2012, Evpatoria, Ukraine).
According to case law (brand WCDF for Checkers), we informed the General Assembly FMJD 23.09.2013 in Wageningen (Section  – Report of the President of the Section-64):

Vladimir Langin, president of Section 64, said:
“The International Draughts Federation according to the decision of the General Assembly of the Section-64 (14.09.2012, Evpatoria, Ukraine) is a legal entity of Section 64, Section-64 brand. We will not go out of FMJD. We work within the FMJD. ”

We do not offer this question for additional voting.

4 . SportAccord 2014

The official response to Mr. Otten.

We definitely want to be represented in World Mind Sports Games SportAccord 2014 , as well as further activities SportAccord and IMSA.

In his last letter you suggested for draughts-64: 15 % of places, 15 % of the tickets, 15% of prizes, payment for 2 representatives
(judges), if we pay 15 % of the annual contribution to the SportAccord for 7 years.

This is your personal decision or a decision of the FMJD Board?

We are willing to cover part of the costs FMJD over the years, but then we need to get and part of the proceeds. SportAccord World Mind Sports Games held since 2011. FMJD did not provide draughts-64 services  in 2012 and 2013 for their participation in these competitions. It would be logical to FMJD returned draughts-64 portion of the proceeds, providing 15 % of the places and tickets for 2012, 2013.

Your requirement to pay 15% of the annual contribution for the previous seven years is in itself contrary to common practice in the
business world. You can not claim any payment retroactively, if it was not stipulated in the contract. Section-64 had not any arrangements or agreements with FMJD on this issue. In addition, payment contribution SportAccord and IMSA have been laid earlier in the annual contributions of the FMJD General Assembly decision. Thus, the requirement of an additional payment for the last period is inappropriate.

I suggested many times you start to normal negotiations.

Given the longstanding great job FMJD with SportAccord and IMSA, Section-64 is ready to support FMJD and make a charitable contribution, the amount of which should be discussed.

We have to sign an agreement (contract) which will reflect the representation of draughts-64 and all financial matters. Then will be no need a regular to find out who is who and what you owe.

You propose to allocate draughts-64 15 % of the places, tickets and prize money. 15% is 4.2 persons from 28 players. Such
representation does not give the possibility of a full tournament. We discussed this at our meeting in Wageningen, and you talked about 6 players and 2 representatives for draughts-64. Now you ‘re back to 15%. We need clarity on this issue.

I’m ready for constructive talks on all issues. It is up to you.

Best regards,

Vladimir Langin
IDF – FMJD Section-64 President

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