National Draughts Championship of Uganda (Poolcheckers)

National open individual draughts-64 championship of Uganda (poolcheckers) started 26th January 2014 late at about 2.30 pm on a round robin basis under the arbitration of Dan Isabirye. Youthful participant of the World Men Championship 2013 in St. Petersburg Sam Senoga from Seeta Club won.


It has been the first time that a national championship has been played in Mbale and it was the first time for all the Mbale players to take part in a national championship. UDF decided to take this championship to Mbale purposely to motivate the Mbale players to begin taking part in UDF organised competitions. The Mbale players proved worth the event as position 2 and 4 went to their players. Such ranks are not easy to attain for the first time in a national championship. The Mbale players are therefore expected to excel if they continue taking part in national championships. There was a complaint raised by three Mbale players when they lost some games due to the flag falling. Being
new in the championship, they were caught off guard by the time rule which they were not familiar with.

The winner of this event was youthful participant of the World Men Championship 2013 in St. Petersburg Sam Senoga from Seeta Club while last year’s poolcheckers champion Baker Nyanzi was relegated to 3rd position. The top four players were awarded cash prizes. The next championship will be at Masaka on 23rd February 2014 in International 10 x 10 draughts.

Dan Isabirye

Technical Director, UDF

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