Statement of the International Draughts Federation

National federations have received a letter from the director of tournaments 100 FMJD Mr. Pawlicki.  Text of the letter:

As it was decided by the Federations we do not have Section64 Russian/Brazilian draughts. We have TWO sections now: Section64 Russian and Section64 International Draughts.
According to intentions of Brazilian and Polish Federations (the applicants of these changes) Section64 International does not want to create any structure.
Section would like to work close to FMJD including treasure and TD’s.
On request from the board, Mr.Lelio Marcos from Brazil accepted proposal to be a leader of this section.
In 2015 Continental Championships should be organised and in 2016 – World Championship.

We kindly ask any Federation which would like to host Continental Championship to send proposal (to August 25th) to FMJD-TD and Chairman of the section:
FMJD-TD Jacek Pawlicki [email protected]
Section64Int. chairman Lelio Marcos [email protected] 

For your information:

International Draughts Federation sent to the national federations an official response:     In Russian

Dear Sirs,

As the FMJD Vice-President, in accordance with the FMJD Statutes responsible for development of draughts-64 (Russian and Brazilian), I am submitting my commentaries to the letter of Mr. Pawlicky.

1. Decision on deviding of Section-64 (Russian/Brazilian) into two sections – Russian and Brazilian was not accept during the FMJD General Assembly. Electronic voting after the Assembly has no legal force. April 29, 2014, we filed a complaint with the Ethics Committee FMJD and we are ready to bring the case to CAS in Lausanne. Before judgment, any activity of “Section-64 Brazilian” is illegal, and any competition under its auspices is illegitimate too.

Currently, in the FMJD lawfully operates only one Section-64 (Russian/Brazilian), presented by officially registered the International Draughts Federation (IDF);

2. Mr. Pawlicki writes in his message of non-existent in FMJD structure – Section64 International Draughts. Information from site of FMJD This is the change results of illegitimate vote. Invented by Mr. Pawlicky name for the Brazilian version of draughts-64 -“international draughts-64” – is another provocation on his part, which does not conform to normative documents of the
FMJD and world sporting regulations.

According to international practice all sports represented in any international federation are international, so the use of the name “international” to any form of draughts in the FMJD is nonsense and a direct violation of international sporting regulations.

3. World Championships and Continental Championships in draughts-64 within the FMJD, including the Brazilian version, can be legally held only by the FMJD Section-64 (Russian/Brazilian), presented by officially registered the International Draughts Federation (IDF);

Any competition in draughts-64, organized by impostors Marcos and Pawlicki, entitled “World Championship” or “Continental Championship” are illegitimate.

4. The International Draughts Federation – FMJD Section-64 (Russian/Brazilian), in accordance with its calendar of competitions, will held in 2014 the European Championship in Brazilian version of draughts-64 (rapid), holding of the World Championship in this version is in plans for the next year. Competitions will be held to a high standard with great prizes. We invite national federations to cooperation and to direction of players to these competitions.

Vice President FMJD
President of the International Draughts Federation – Section-64 FMJD
Vladimir Langin

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