Events in Russian Draughts in Aqua Loo (Sochi)

FSHR_Loo.june_2016Several major events in Russian draughts traditionally are held from May 28 to June 9  in Aqua Loo (Sochi). See information on the site FSHR   HERE   and   HERE

Competitions are held:

1. Russian Cup. Men, women.
Players of regions of the Russian Federation participate in competitions. Competitions are held separately for men and women.

2. Competition among school teams «Miracle draughts». Final.
Two teams from each region of the Russian Federation may participate in competitions.
The team consists of five people: three boys and one girl under the age of 14 years (2002 year born and younger) — one secondary school students and one representative of the team.

3. All-Russian competitions among boys and girls.
Competitions are held separately among boys and girls in age groups: U16, U13, U10, U8.

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