Short report of IDF Board meeting

September 20, 2017 in St. Petersburg was held a meeting of the Board IDF. Short report of the IDF Board meeting is HERE. The meeting approved the results of the world championships among teams, youth and veterans, held in Bulgaria from August 23 to September 2, 2017; the issues of preparation for the World Championship 2017 were considered; the preliminary calendar of the competitions for 2018 was approved; approved the newly established African Draughts Confederation as the organization responsible for the development of draughts-64 on the African continent under the aegis of IDF; the issues of the current activity of the federation were considered. According to the results of the competition in 2017: world championships in Bulgaria, national championships and the implementation of norms in the various competitions, new international titles been assigned to the next players:


1 Besedin Vladislav Russia IM By norms
2 Gaiazov Shamil Russia IM By norms
3 Getmanskii Grigorii Russia IM By norms
4 Viaznikov Evgenii Russia IM By norms
5 Kirillov Yuri Israel IM By norms
6 Isaac Bafaki Uganda FM Automatically
7 Madalitso Thomu Juma Malawi FM Automatically
8 Wayne ‘Shines’ Reid Jamaica FM Automatically
9 Tiago Manuel Portugal FM Automatically
10 Bukreev Kirill Russia FM By norms
11 Vengelis Lukas Lithuania FM By norms
12 Kolosov Dmitrii Russia FM By norms
13 Plakk Uno Estonia FM By norms
14 Rozvalinov Alexander Ukraine FM By norms
15 Petruseva Polina Belarus WIM Automatically
16 Balukova Olga Russia WFM Automatically
17 Valnere Antra Latvia WFM By norms
18 Vatolina Kristina Russia WFM By norms
19 Kuznetsova Kseniia Russia WFM By norms
20 Lazovik Yana Belarus WFM By norms
21 Petrova Liudmila Russia WFM By norms

We congratulate players with well-deserved international titles!

The new full members of IDF became the national organizations of Turkey, Finland and India.

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