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World Youth Championship

Personal-team World Youth Championship in draughts-64 among boys and girls traditionally will be held in Sports Complex Aqualife, Kranevo, Bulgaria from 23th August (day of arrival) to 02th September (departure day) 2017.

Personal Championship will be held in three types of program: classic, blitz and rapid; and in six age groups (separately for boys and girls):
Juniors 26 years and younger (1991-1997);
Juniors 19 years and younger (1998-2000);
Cadets 16 years and younger (2001-2003);
Junior cadets 13 years and younger (2004-2006);
Hopes 10 years and younger (2007-2008);
Junior hopes 8 years and younger (2009 and later).

During the World Championship will be held seminar for arbiters. New rules of the game and competitions (revised 2016), as well as new rules for the assignment of international titles (revised 2016) will be studied at the seminar.

Invitations on the Championship and seminar published.


Invitation  |  Invitation for seminar  |  Booklet Aqua Life


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