International tournament in draughts-64 “Jogeva-2013”

International tournament in draughts-64 “Jogeva-2013” will held from July 29 to August 03, 2013 in Jõgeva Gymnasium (Jogeva, Rocha str. 10, Estonia).

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Information about tournament you can see on the site of Jõgeva Draughts Club


1. Goals and objectives
The tournament is held for promotion and development of draughts-64, excellence and fulfillment of international titles, strengthening the friendly relations between draughts players of  the countries – member of FMJD Section-64.

2. Time, place and leadership of the tournament
The tournament is held from July 29 to August 03, 2013 in Jogeva (Estonia). Venue: Jõgeva Gymnasium (Jogeva, Rocha str. 10). The credentials committee work in the sports center Virtus (Yogeva, Aya str. 40) July 28, from 9 to 22 and July 29 from 8 to 11. The opening ceremony of the tournament is on July 29 at 12 am, closing ceremony is on August 3 at 15.00. leadership of the tournament rests on panel of judges. Ülar Poom (Jogeva) is the Chief referee.

3. The tournament program
The tournament is held in draughts-64 separately for men and women with the draw of the initial moves and positions. The system of the competitions is Swiss (9 rounds) or Robin round depending on the number of participants.
Competitions are held on the system of micro-matches from two parties. The time control is 45 minutes + 30 seconds per move to the end of the game for each participant  in both parties of micro-match.

4. The participants
All declared players are allowed participate.
Applications must be send until July 19, 2013 to e-mail: [email protected], [email protected],  tel. +372 5058239, fax +372 7763342
or by post: Republic of Estonia, Yogeva, 48303 Pargi str. 18-2, Plakk Uno

Participants need to pay till that date the entry fee 10 euro to the bank account of Jõgeva Draughts Club:
Beneficiary: Jõgeva Kabeklubi MTÜ Address: Tähe 4-52, 48307 Jõgeva, Estonia
Bank: Swedbank Address: Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn, Estonia Swift code: HABAEE2X
IBAN account no: EE062200221044660780

Entry fee for undeclared players is 12 euros.

5. Terms of the tournament
All expenses for travel, meals and accommodation paid by participants or sending organizations.
Information on the accommodation and the cost of seats:  [email protected] bodies. +372 5058239

For visa support you need address not later than June 20, 2013 to:  [email protected]


The prize fund of the tournament winners is 1000 euros, as well as diplomas and non-cash prizes.

Prizes for men:
1st  place – 300 EUR
2nd  place – 200 EUR
3rd  place – 100 EUR
4th  place – 60 EUR
5th  place – 50 EUR
6th  Place – 40 EUR

Prizes for women:
1st  place – 120 EUR
2nd place – 80 EUR
3rd  place – 50 EUR

All not specified in these rules positions provides in the regulations of competitions.


Ülar Poom
Chairman of the Board of  Jõgeva Draughts Club

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