2nd Stage of World Cup – International competition “Rimini-2017”

International Draughts Federation IDF in accordance with the calendar of the competitions 2017 holds in Rimini (Italy) from 24 June to 1 July 2nd Stage of World Cup 2017 in draughts-64-International competition “Rimini-2017”.

Winner of the Rapid program in Italian draughts became International Grandmaster Dmitry Tsinman. Vladimir Skrabov became the winner of the Blitz in Brazilian draughts. Arunas Norvaisas won classic program.


Information about competition

Information about competition

Place, date

Competition will be held at the Hotel «Trinidad***», Via Homs, 14 – 47900, Rimini, Italy, from 24 June (arrival day) till 1 July 2017. Information about hotel www.hoteltrinidad.it
Credentials Committee will work 24 June from 19.00 till 22.00.
All participants must have medical insurance for the period of competition.

Tournament regulations

Competition will be held in the three types of programs:
– Rapid (Italian draughts), time control 10 minutes till the end of the game + 5 seconds per move;
– Blitz (Brazilian draughts), time control 3 minutes till the end of the game + 2 seconds per move;
– Classic game (international draughts-64), time control 20 minutes till the end of the game + 10 seconds per move.

System of competition is Swiss.
Blitz and Classic game will be held by the system of micro-matches consist of two games with the drawing according to the official table.
Rapid will be held on own regulations.

Requirements for participants

All participants are allowed to participate in competitions, regardless of gender, age and rating who timely filed application.

Participants must to be on the closing ceremony of the competition. In case of absence the closing ceremony, participants lose all official awards. Awards will not be sent or transferred.


Tournament fees

Each participant of the competitions should pay organizational tournament fee at the day of arrival:
– 60 Euro for adult;
– 50 Euro for women, veterans 60+, youth 26 year and younger.
Participants, who have paid the entry fee, are allowed to participate in all three programs.

Prize fund

Prize fund of the competition is no less than 1500 Euro. The final prizes will be announced at the opening ceremony depending on the number of participants.

Accommodation and meals

Accommodation is available in 2-3 bed rooms with facilities in the room.
Hotel offers a special price for participants and accompanying.
All people must pay an additional “Stay-taxes” of 1,5 euros per person a day (14-65 years old) for maximum 7 days (1,5 euros x 7 days= 10,5 euros).
The costs of accommodation, meals and travel of participants are paid by their sending organizations or at their own expenses.
All participants must residence from the organizers!
Rooms will be booked in the order of receipt of applications. Rooms with special price are limited.


Applications for participation in competition, obtaining visas and booking accommodation must be submitted to the office of International Draughts Federation not later than 19 May 2017 on e-mail: [email protected]


International Draughts Federation IDF: office on e-mail: [email protected]
Langin Vladimir, e-mail: [email protected],  tel. +7 921 9562001 (mob)

Program of competition:

Date Day Time Event
24-06-2017 Saturday 09.00 – 22.00 Arrival day
19.00 – 22.00 Registration of participants
25-06-2017 Sunday 14.00 Opening ceremony
26-06-2017 Monday 14.00 Blitz
27-06-2017 Tuesday Tours
28-06-2017 Wednesday 14.00 Classic program, Rounds 1-2
29-06-2017 Thursday 10.00 Classic program, Round 3
14.00 Classic program, Rounds 4-5
30-06-2017 Friday 14.00 Classic program, Rounds 6-7
Closing ceremony
01-07-2017 Saturday Departure of participants

Invitation         List of participants

Photo          Rapid         Blitz         Classic        Closing

Results         Rapid         Blitz         Classic

Standings in the World Cup 2017 after the 2nd Stage

30-06-2017  The classic program of the 2nd stage of the World Cup ended.

With the result of 11 points the first place took International Grandmaster from Lithuania Arunas Norvaishas. International Grandmasters Dmitry Tsinman and Vladimir Skrabov scored 10 points each. The best coefficient put Dmitry Tsinman on 2nd place. Vladimir Skrabov took 3rd place. See results.

27-06-2017  Classic program of the 2nd Stage of World Cup 2017 started today. 21 player from Bulgaria, Israel, Lithuania, Russia and USA take part in the competition. Classic program is held in international (Russian) version of draughts-64, on the Swiss system in 7 rounds, micro-matches from two games with a new draw of moves. See current results.

26-06-2017  Blitz program of the 2nd Stage of World Cup 2017 in draughts-64 is held today. 21 player from Bulgaria, Israel, Lithuania and Russia take part in the competition. Blitz program is held in Brazilian draughts on the Swiss system in 8 rounds, micro-matches from two games with a new draw of moves.

After 8 rounds of the Blitz program three participants scored 13 points and shared 1-3 places. Under additional criteria Vladimir Skrabov became the winner of the Blitz. Dmitry Tsinman took second place, losing only one point by the coefficient, Arunas Norvaishas took third place.

25-06-2017  2nd Stage of World Cup 2017 in draughts-64 started today in Rimini. Competitions are held with the support of the Foundation for Assistance for development of Draughts Sports “Russian Draughts.”

22 players from Bulgaria, Israel, Lithuania, Russia, and the United States arrived to the competition. Among them are international grandmasters – winners of the World Cup of different years Vladimir Skrabov and Dmitry Tsinman (both Russia), world champion in Rapid Arunas Norvaishas (Lithuania), European champion 2016 Zhanna Sarshaeva (Russia), as well as winners and prize-winners of various international competitions – National Grandmasters Yuri Kirillov, Mikhail Goryunov, Dmitrii Melnikov and Dmitrii Abaranov, the strongest international masters Andrey Gnelitskiy, Ruslan Pescherov, and others.

Opening of the competition was held at 14.00 and after opening started Rapid program in Italian draughts, which traditionally takes place in the Italian stage of the World Cup.

The winner of the Rapid program became International Grandmaster Dmitry Tsinman. International Master Ruslan Pescherov took second place. The third place with the best coefficient was taken by the International Master Andrey Gnelitskiy.

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