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European Youth Championship

International Draughts Federation (IDF) in accordance with the Calendar of the competitions in 2017 holds from April 30 (arrival day) to May 8 (departure day), 2017 in Orel (Russia) personal-team European Youth Championship in draughts-64.


30-03-2017  Presentation of the European championship published

12-01-2017  Information about competition:

Place, date

Championship will be held in Orel (Russia) from A pril 30 (arrival day) to May 8 (departure day), 2017.
Credentials Committee will work April 29 from 16.00 till 22.00.
All participants must have medical insurance for the period of competition.
Participants who did not pass the Credentials Committee to 22.00 participate in the additional draw which will be held April 30 at 12.30. These participants pay an additional fee 20 Euro.

Tournament regulations

Personal Championship is held separately for boys and girls in six age groups:
Juniors 26 years and younger (1991-1997);
Juniors 19 years and younger (1998-2000);
Cadets 16 years and younger (2001-2003);
Junior cadets 13 years and younger (2004-2006);
Hopes 10 years and younger (2007-2008);
Junior hopes 8 years and younger (2009 and later).

Boys and girls of younger ages may participate in age groups 1991-1997; 1998-2000; 2001-2003; 2004-2006, 2007-2008.

Championship is held in the three types of program:
Classic game – with time control 45 minutes till the end of the game + 10 seconds per move;
Rapid game – with time control 07 minutes till the end of the game + 05 seconds per move;
Blitz game – with time control 03 minutes till the end of the game + 02 seconds per move.

System of competition is Swiss or round robin, depending on the number of participants.
All programs are held in international version of draughts-64 (Russian) by the system of micro-matches consist of two games.
In age group juniors 1991-1997 year born is held draw of the moves according to the official table (745 positions) for boys and draw of the positions according to the official table (150 positions) for girls.
In age groups juniors born in 1998-2000 and cadets born in 2001-2003 is held draw of the first move of the white for boys and girls. Draw is binding on both games of the micro-match.
In other age groups draw of the moves is not held.

Team’s classifications are determined in classic program of Championship.
Team places are defined by the maximum amount of points scored 8 best players (by one from age group 1998-2000; 2001-2003; 2004-2006, 2007-2008 for boys and girls).
Team’s classifications are determined also separately for boys and girls teams by the maximum amounts of points scored 4 best players (by one from age group 1998-2000; 2001-2003; 2004-2006, 2007-2008; for boys or for girls).

Requirements for participants

Winners of European Youth Championship-2016, participants claimed by national federations are allowed to participate in competition.

Participants are obliged to comply with the Rules and Regulations of the competition, the Code of Ethics. To participant, who made the incorrect behavior, sanctions are applied.

Participants are obliged to comply with the dress code in the gaming rooms and public areas – to be dressed in sports uniforms or clothing appropriate to the rank of the competition; and also have clothing for formal events (the opening ceremony, closing etc.).

Participants must be present at the opening and closing ceremonies in compliance with the dress code. In case of absence the closing ceremony, participants lose all official awards. Awards will not be sent or transferred.


Medals for the 3 first places in each tournament;
Cups for the 3 first places in each tournament;
Diploma for the 3 first places in each tournament;
Diploma for all participants in classic program;
Cups for the 3 first places in the overall team’s classification;
Diploma for teams and participants of the teams took 3 first places in each team’s classification;

Personal awards for winners of Championship in all age groups will be announced by organizers at the opening ceremony.

Tournament fees

Installed package on tournament fee for participation in all championship (classical, blitz, rapid programs) for each participant:
For age groups: juniors 26 years and younger (1991-1997) and junior hopes 8 years and younger (2009 and later) – 80 Euro;
In age groups 1998-2000; 2001-2003; 2004-2006, 2007-2008:
For three representatives of the country, both for boys and for girls – 80 Euro;
For the rest of the representatives of the country – 120 Euro;

Tournament fees may to be transferred to the account of the International Draughts Federation no later than 18th April or pay in cash to the credentials committee not later than 29th April. In case of bank transfer payment receipt must be presented to the credentials committee.

Bank details

Beneficary: International Draughts Federation
Address: Kranevo, Chernomorska str. 41, 9649 Bulgaria
Bank: Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD
Bank`s address: Dobrich, 25 Septemvri Str. 25, 9300 Bulgaria
IBAN account no: IBAN BG94 RZBB 9155 1003 8766 00
BIC (Swift code): BIC RZBBBGSF

Accommodation and meals

Hotel accommodation is in 2-3 bed rooms with facilities in the room. Rooms will be booked before 15th April in the order of receipt of applications.

All participants, coaches and accompanying must residence in the hotel “Salyut” from 29th April to 8th May. In case of violation of this paragraph penalties can be applied.

The organizers provide accommodation and three-time meals for one player (boy or girl) from age group 1998-2000; 2001-2003; 2004-2006, 2007-2008 (4 participants total) from 29th April (starting with lunch) to 8th May (ending with breakfast) – total 9 days, from each country – member of the International Draughts Federation (IDF).

Their travel costs, as well as the costs of accommodation, meals and travel of other participants pays by their sending organizations.

Participants who provide accommodation and meals by organizers are required to participate in all three programs: classic, rapid and blitz.

Installed package on accommodation and three-time meals for all other participants and accompanying:

Double “Standard” – from 16 200 rubles (1800 rubles / person x 9 days)
Double “Superior”  – from 17 100 rubles (1900 rubles / person x 9 days)
Two-room “suite” (triple occupancy) – from 17 550 rubles (1950 rubles / person x 9 days)
The number of two-room “suite” category is limited.


>How to go from the train station to the hotel “Salute”:
1) Tram №1 to the station “square Karl Marx” (15-20 minutes) and then climb up the Alexander Bridge and Lenin street (approximately10 minute).
2) From the Central Station (Railway Station Square 1) walking down the Ordzhonikidze street 7-8 minutes to bus and trolleybus stop “TEKMASH” (you need to cross the road at the intersection) and wait for any taxi with the inscription 1st Posadskaya or Sports Palace.
You need go to the bus stop “Post Office” about 20-25 minutes. The hotel “Salute” is located 3-5 minute walk from the bus stop.
3) Price of travel by any public transport is 16 rubles.
4) Taxi (the most convenient and affordable travel option). The fare is from 100 to 150 rubles. Telephone numbers of taxi services +79208004343, +7486244444.

How to go from the bus station to the hotel “Salute”:
5) Trolley bus №4 or №6 to stop “Post Office” (15minutes). The hotel “Salute” is located 3-5 minute walk from the stop.


Applications for participation in the Championship must be submitted to the office of International Draughts Federation from national Federations not later than 8th April 2017 on e-mail: [email protected].

Applications for obtaining visas (up to 3rd April 2017) and booking accommodation (up to 15th April 2017) must be submitted to Artem Aleshin, e-mail: [email protected], tel. +7 910 2688986 (mobile) from 10.00 to 20.00.

Copies of the applications should be sent to the IDF office by e-mail: [email protected]


Date Day of the week Time Event
29th April Saturday 12.00 – 22.00 Arrival day
16.00 – 22.00 Registration of participants
22.00 Draw
30th April Sunday 12.00 Opening ceremony
15.00 Blitz
1st May Monday 10.00 Rapid
15.00 Rapid
2nd May Tuesday 10.00 Round 1, classic program
15.00 Excursion
3rd May Wednesday 10.00 Round 2
15.00 Round 3
4th May Thursday 10.00 Round 4
15.00 Round 5
5th May Friday 10.00 Round 6
6th May Saturday 10.00 Round 7
15.00 Round 8
7th May Sunday 10.00 Round 9
20.00 Closing ceremony
8th May Monday From 9.00 Departure of participants

The schedule may be changed. In this case, the date and time of registration, opening and closing are final.


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