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World Team Championship

International Draughts Federation (IDF) in accordance with the Calendar of the competitions in 2017 holds in Kranevo (Bulgaria) World Team’s Championship in draughts-64. Competition will be held in Sports Complex Aqualife (Kranevo, Bulgaria) from 23th August (day of arrival) to 2nd September (departure day) 2017.

Competitions are held separately among men’s and women’s teams. The composition of teams: men – 3 men + 3 reserve players, women – 2 women + 2 reserve players.

Competitions are held in the international version of draughts-64 by the system of micro-matches consist of two games in the three types of programs: classic, rapid and blitz.

All types of the program will be played with the draw of the moves according to the official table (745 positions) for the first and second men’s boards and with the first move of the white for the third man’s board. Women will play with the draw of the moves according to the official table (150 positions).

To participate in competitions are allowed one team from each country; from Russia – one team from federal districts, cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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